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  1. Keefoman

    Epiphone Les Paul string buzz

    Not uncommon for one or more frets to sit too high on those. Sometimes it's enough with a proper setup, sometimes it's enough to knock the high frets down, sometimes they need a full fret dress and setup. Either way it's well worth getting it done, as they are generally good guitars. :)
  2. Keefoman

    Top-wrap a Gibson ES-335...?

    I try top-wrapping a TOM-equipped guitar whenever I get a new one. Sometimes it makes a difference for the better, other times it doesn't
  3. Keefoman

    Strap locks on a Custom Shop Les Paul?

    Both Dunlop and Schaller work great! :)
  4. Keefoman

    British sound, or American sound?

    It depends. For clean and light drive - American (Fender). For more crunch and gain - British (Marshall).
  5. Keefoman

    Gibson Boss Collection

    Simply great! The "occasional turn up" by Faulkner and Mustaine cringeworthy staged, of course, but still very entertaining. And yes... Quite a collection! :cool:
  6. Keefoman

    Will I Devalue My 1999 Les Paul Classic If I...

    I had a 2001 Classic many years ago where I swapped the pickups for Lollars, the electronics for an RS Kit and the bridge and stoptail to parts from an R9. It didn't devalue the guitar, but I certainly didn't get back the money I paid for the parts.
  7. Keefoman

    Survey : if the Historics were made in China but half the price - would you buy one ?

    If the question was: Would I buy a regular Gibson if it was made outside the USA, at a cheaper price, but with the same specs and quality, the answer would be: Most likely. CS Gibsons? Probably not, even though the price is way too high for me at the time being to even consider one.
  8. Keefoman

    Why does the Fender Custom Shop no longer offer Strat or Tele reissues with 7.25" fingerboard radius and vintage-size frets?

    One thing I’m quite certain of, is that I don’t think Fender assumes anything regarding to what will sell or not. My guess is that they are quite in control of that after 70 years in the business. It could simply be that Fender has experienced that guitars with 7,25” fretboard radius don’t sell...
  9. Keefoman

    Share Your Explorers

    Plain and simple 2005 Explorer. Cream T '61 Custom pickups. CTS pots and Emerson cap.
  10. Keefoman

    Ronnie James Dio playing a Gibson bass

    Sharp observation. Rising is also there behind the guitar.
  11. Keefoman

    Fender Stratocaster Gallery

    That’s a gorgeous one! :cool:
  12. Keefoman

    could YOU ever consider choosing a Tokai Love Rock LS320 in preference to a Historic

    Sorry, but 22 years doesn't equal vintage. Actually, even 50 years old doesn't mean vintage. The term vintage is use for goods of an era specifically known for superiour quality and therefore highly demanded. Nice guitar you have there, but it isn't anywhere near vintage in any way.
  13. Keefoman

    Fender Stratocaster Gallery

    My two. A 1998 Jimmie Vaughan signanture and a 2015 Am. Std. Shawbucker.