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    7th Annual NY Guitar Show & Exposition Set To Invade Freeport, LI April 21 & 22, 2018

    7th Annual NY Guitar Show & Exposition Set To Invade Freeport, LI April 21 & 22, 2018 7th Annual NY Guitar Show & Exposition Set To Invade Freeport, LI April 21st & 22nd, 2018 This Year’s Expo to Include Great Giveaways, Exhibits, Retailers, Custom Builders, and More February, 2018...
  2. kaylane

    Need Date Esimate on 50's(?) Southern Jumbo...

    delete please
  3. kaylane

    Dating a GA 25 RVT Hawk Amp

    did a search hr in LPF and cold not find help, then I posted here. Serial number 725194 Gibson GA-25 RVT Hark amp..it is in rough cosmetic shape, changed speaker and what looks like ply wood back plates lol, but it works./...thinking it is 65? thanks
  4. kaylane

    Got My 52' LP

    Got My 52' LP back after Refret and a slight neck tilt..talking it out tonight for a run through..pics to come...trying to decide what amp to use with these killer P90's and either my TS 808 my OCD 1. 62’ Deluxe 2. 63’ Super 3. 65 Deluxe 4. 65 Vibrolux 5. 68’ Super Reverb
  5. kaylane

    Need a Working & tarnished 52' Les Paul "A" Tuner

    figured I'd put it here if that's okay since more people would see it..
  6. kaylane

    53/1958 Terry Mueller 1958 Conversion Les Paul GT

    1953/1958 Terry Mueller 1958 Conversion Les Paul GT: I have a kitchen to redo sn someo fthe things I have posted I hope will start to move, but here's another one...This is a Terry Mueller conversion which started life as a 53 Goldtop. It still has its original finish front and back! The 58’...
  7. kaylane

    Who's Coming To the NY Guitar Show??

    anyone?? would like to meet some of your folks in person..some great people here
  8. kaylane

    Problems Tonight??

    I can copy and paste info on any other site but not here tonight like I usually do...any reason??
  9. kaylane

    Need Help With Year

    Friend as a 70's GT mini MB's serial number 660485..any ideas's
  10. kaylane

    NY Guitar Show & Exposition:

    The New York Guitar Show & Exposition moved to a better, larger and easier to get to venue at the Freeport Recreation Center after our first show in 2012, which was the largest NY Metro area Guitar show in two decades. We saw 2013 was no different as we nearly tripled in size in only our second...