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    Hagstrom 67 Viking ii reissue

    Hi folks here is my Hagstrom 67 Viking ii reissue. It is often associated with Elvis because he played it during the 68 comback special, however, it is a great jazz guitar and the pickups are fantastic. Let me know what you think!
  2. J

    One of the cooler non-Gibson Guitars I own!

    I just got this new Hagstrom’67 Viking II Reissue the other day. It is a full hollow double cutaway with mini humbuckers and a bolt on neck. It very much reminds me of the Starcaster and Coronado guitars Fender put out in the 60’s and 70’s:
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    How High the Moon on a Cort Les Paul!

    I’m glad you enjoyed it. I actually just like this guitar. The new Cort guitars are actually really well made. This guitar (Cort CR300) is one of their higher end models. It has a real thick plain maple top on it. The construction and tone is as good as any Gibson I’ve played.
  4. J

    Just in time for Halloween 🎃

    Here is my arrangement of the Addams Family theme song for solo guitar! I hope you enjoy it!
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    PureSalem Tom Cat Guitar!

    Those guitars are much better quality than the new Made in China Guild guitar line which is now owned by cordoba.
  6. J

    PureSalem Tom Cat Guitar!

    I never knew that LP specials had ebony boards. I always thought they used rosewood or roasted maple. Very interesting and beautiful guitar!
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    PureSalem Tom Cat Guitar!

    Wow! That is a great looking guitar! I always liked the Darmond guitars from the late 90’s. You hardly see them on the used market which is saying quite a lot. I’m not sure why PureSalem did a bolt-on version of this guitar. However, I do know that one of the first generations of the Tom...
  8. J

    PureSalem Tom Cat Guitar!

    Hi folks here is a new guitar that I just acquired. It is a PureSalem Tom Cat. The body is similar to a Guild Thunderbird guitar. The PureSalem is a bolt on neck with an ebony fingerboard and a two p-90 pickups. Despite the strange body shape it is quite ergonomic!
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    The closest guitar to a proper Les Paul in my collection

    I am. However, I am more just an enthusiast of oddball guitars
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    The closest guitar to a proper Les Paul in my collection

    Here is another video of me playing my FGN Neoclassic guitar! A very solid guitar that is right up there with the real thing!
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    Elvis tribute on a Hagstrom Viking

    Here is my tribute to Elvis! His Hagstrom was a bit pricier than mine and made in Sweden!
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    The least expensive tube amp

    I hope that problem has been corrected for the amp that I have. How old was your amp and how long did it last?
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    FGN Guitars

    I agree with you 1000% the workmanship on those guitars are incredible.
  14. J

    King of the Hill Theme Song on a Fret-King

    Here is my arrangement of the King of the Hill Theme Song. I hope you enjoy it!
  15. J

    The least expensive tube amp

    Well thank you. That’s what counts!!