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Recent content by jholcomb

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    Are the P-90s Different in the '09 and After Historics Than the Previous Ones?

    I recently purchased a GREAT '10 Single Cut Historic LP Special. I owned one a few years ago that I regretted selling, but the PUs in this one sound even better. Not as hot, and more "musical" to my ears. I seem to remember reading something somewhere that Gibson retooled their P-90s in '09...
  2. J

    Would a 2010 SC LP Special Historic Gloss Be Plekked?

    Looking at a 2010 single cut LP Historic in TV Yellow with the 50's neck carve. It's a gloss and looks pretty nice. I think almost everyone I've ever seen before were VOS. Do ALL Historics get PLEKKED now or is it still just the VOS models?
  3. J

    Do the Current "Regular" SG Standards Have 500k Pots?

    I assumed they did, but from some of the other threads I'm reading, I'm guessing I'm wrong.
  4. J

    Does Info on Recent SG Historics w/ Maestros

    Need Info on Recent SG Historics w/ Maestros I've read the horror stories about the current Maestros and even read that you can't close a historic SG case without taking the vibrola handle off...does anyone have anything good to say about the current Maestros? Not talking about the guitars...
  5. J

    Difference Between '50's and '60's Neck Carves on Historic LP Specials

    I know what the '50s neck carve is like. How much slimmer is the '60s? Slightly slimmer or more significant?
  6. J

    Regular SG Standard-All Bodies 2 Piece?

    Looking for a used "regular" SG Standard, mainly because I want a slightly chunkier neck than the '61 reissues have. All of the ones I've seen have 2 piece bodies. Is that the norm?
  7. J

    My SG w/ Bigsby Options

    OK, I was originally jonsing for a SG w/ a Maestro, but now have decided I really want a SG with a Bigsby. I know I could buy a high ticket Historic, but I'd prefer one with a slightly chunky neck. The big problem is that I hate the way aftermarket Bigsbys look because I hate the look of the...
  8. J

    Lumpy's Tone Shop Liquid Lead-Best OD I Have EVER Owned!

    Got this bad boy on Thursday and used it with the boys last night. OMG! Best, tightest bass response (I run it at 18v) I have EVER heard in an OD. Really like buying a boutique Marshall style head for 160 bucks. Nails the Zeppelin thing as good as it looks, but has bass/mid/treble controls...
  9. J

    Thinking of an SG, Need Advice

    So I'm GASing again for a cherry SG. I'd really like a Historic with Maestro Vibrola, but it's probably out of my price range and I've read enough bad stuff here and on other forums about the crappy Vibrolas that are going on the current Historics to scare me off. So I'm actually considering a...
  10. J

    Which Current Production SG Has the Chunkiest Neck?

    I thought I wanted a Historic SG w/Maestro but now I want a stoptail, which means my biggest priority right now is probably neck size. Which production SG has the chunkiest neck right now? The "regular" Standard?
  11. J

    Where Can I Find a Chambered R4?

    I want a P-90 wrap-around mate for my chambered R9! Does Gibson still make them?
  12. J

    Can Anyone Tell Me What the Neck Shape on a '05 SG Historic is Like?

    Looking at one online....anyone know if the necks on the SG Historics in '05 were chunkier than the '61 reissues? Thanks.
  13. J

    Owners of Historic SGs w/ Maestro Vibrolas: Tuning Issues?

    I've read the threads where people claim the Historic Maestro vibrolas used on the currrent Historic SGs don't weigh as much as the originals and, as a result, cause tuning problems. Does lubing the nut slots and saddles take care of the issue?
  14. J

    Does Gibson Still Make Chambered Historics?

    Since the last couple I've looked at are '07s, it made me wonder. I've been off the forum for a while and did a search, but couldn't find the answer.
  15. J

    Looking for olive green "Historic" Gibson hat

    I have one that 's few years old but I need a new one. Can anyone hook me up?