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  1. j45

    Different Red Dyes in '59? - Sprayed and Hand Rubbed?

    After blurting out a reply to a thread with an answer I've assumed correct from my years of observing 1959 Gibson's with red dye, I wanted to see if everyone agrees with this. At the same time Gibson was spraying the infamous red aniline dye that faded as we know, they were also hand rubbing a...
  2. j45

    A little less blase'....NAD...

    I am a self proclaimed amp snob and bored to tears with the latest greatest amp claims...and today it seems that's not the smartest place to be if you want to find "something new" or special.. ..I've owned just about every vintage amp known to man to be even half decent... most boutique brands...
  3. j45

    1963 Gibson Firebird vs. 1959 Fender Telecaster

    Lately I've read in several threads here and elsewhere the idea of getting a "Tele" sound from a Gibson and a few posts with clips of Gibson's played clean country style trying to emulate a Tele.. One thread that had comments that the Les Paul in a clip had a Tele-like spank or twang. some of...
  4. j45

    Pre CBS Fender Neck Size Stamps

    While talking about pre-CBS Jazzmasters an interesting (to me) question came to mind. I have, in examining and being around thousands of old Fender guitars, only seen three "A "width necks... all on early Jazzmasters...one "C" width neck, on a 65 Strat, and every other has been "B" stamp width...
  5. j45

    BB King's Health / Treatment

    There are better news articles about the about reports that BB is suffering abuse in hospice care but the TMZ story is the only one that shows the urgency of his current condition with a photo. He appears to be beyond frail and helpless. There have been several videos released lately of...
  6. j45

    What Does It All Mean ?

    I'll be the first to admit that I don't know much when I comes to "definitive" voicing behaviors of P-90 and PAF pickups.... and I've made my sole living for 44 years playing a guitar and still doing it to this day.... there are just too many variables involved... I hope try to make a point...
  7. j45

    "The Les Paul Sound" PAF? P-90? Solid? Hollow? Semi Hollow? ...revisited....

    "The Les Paul Sound" PAF? P-90? Solid? Hollow? Semi Hollow? ...revisited.... Charlie and Joe's new thread comparing P-90 and PAF Les Paul's had me going back and revisiting a clip I made eight years ago that killed many of my preconceived ideas about vintage Gibson's. Listening now with fresh...
  8. j45

    "The Les Paul Sound"PAF? P-90? Solid? Hollow" Semi Hollow? Let's have a little fun..

    "The Les Paul Sound"PAF? P-90? Solid? Hollow" Semi Hollow? Let's have a little fun.. dp
  9. j45

    More Vintage Fender Fiesta Red! (vintage bass solo)

    Nothing earth shattering but in theme with the 66 Fiesta Red Strat post, here's the solo on Wichita Lineman ca. 1968.... as played on the record by Glen Campbell.., on a FR Fender 6 string bass. Funny because I always envisioned the solo to be played on a Gretsch...tuned down. but here it is...
  10. j45

    Blackstar Artisan 15 or 30

    Anyone here have one of these? Had literally hundreds of amps... this is the first amp in several years to really get my attention. Heard one as was pretty gassed. Just curious if anyone here is gigging with one and if so, any comments.
  11. j45

    HELP! Alamo Scematics

    I have a pair of pristine late 1950's Alamo Model 6 amps, the big ones in the beautiful wood "A" cabinets with P15N powered by two 6L6's.....somewhat similar to a tweed Pro. Both need some repair, have very complex tone circuits, and are true point to point without any turret boards. I...
  12. j45

    Gary Rossington - Hospitalized

    A close friend of mine who is running front of house for Skynyrd called me today and said Gary was admitted to the hospital yesterday afternoon not long before the scheduled show and it "doesn't look good". Obviously last night's and tonight's shows were cancelled but from what I'm told there...
  13. j45

    Full and Narrow Spaced Vintage Gibsons

    I was just admiring our own Bill Morgan's "NGD" 1953 ES-350 thread and wishing that any of the ES-350T's I owned in the past would have had the full spaced pickups like Bill's instead of the cramped, narrow spaced p/u's located at atypical harmonics on the scale which cause (to me) sometimes...
  14. j45

    Help! Identify This Object

  15. j45

    Eureka! ...again... in a Gretsch #6150

    Just picked this up from Ebay. This is actually the Valco "Supro Super" Model 1606 circa 1961. Gretsch re-labeled this amp and sold it as their own student model. I can't say enough about these amps. This is the fourth I've had over the past couple of decades and each has been a jewel. I...