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Recent content by J T

  1. J T

    Wah Wah Pedal Recommendations

    I have the Teese RMC Picture Wah. I also have the fulltone clyde but the Teese is the one I use.
  2. J T

    Grace under fire....

    Sending good vibs your way. :);)
  3. J T

    Simple question ..... what is the coolest non Gibson guitar ?

    Strats get that in between sound I don't get from anything else. But, I'm always hitting that pickup switch when its on neck pos, I cant lean on the bridge without throwing the guitar out of tune, and why is that darn volume there? I'm always hitting it. Other than that... :)
  4. J T

    Simple question ..... what is the coolest non Gibson guitar ?

    Woah some really nice guitars guys! Banker guitars are really cool.
  5. J T

    Olivia Rodrigo plagiarizes every female pop singer in the world, and gets away with it!

    Ya I never heard of her either. But I live in a cave. Unless there's any talent in there at all, she'll just fade away like the rest of them.
  6. J T

    Hey Pedal Geeks!

    Hey Ed! I see you already ordered a pedal, and there are some fantastic recommendations here, but here's what I found in the push it a bit further category. I put the Blackstone MOSFET in front of everything just after my guitar and it gives it hat extra definition for lack of a better word...
  7. J T

    does the gold in a goldtop stifle the tone ???

    Nothing stifled here. Tone for days.
  8. J T

    Boutique Strat Pups

    I got a full set of Barden's back when Joe actually made them. Great pickups.
  9. J T

    Why a reverse panel on early Fenders

    Back at the time they were made, the big bands style was that everybody sat and played with music stands in front. The music stands were like little podiums with the logo or initials of the band on the front. Sitting in this arrangement, a seated guitar player would have the amp in front between...
  10. J T

    Goldtops, well, just because...

    Hey just thought it is a good day for gold. Got one or two?
  11. J T

    We’re back!

    Woo Hoo!
  12. J T

    Grace under fire....

    Happy Birthday! :)
  13. J T

    Les Paul - The Paulverizer

    looper :)
  14. J T

    90s "good wood " era vs post 2013 era ....... ?

    There are some very nice guitars from 2000 - 2012. Not to difficult to find at all. Not sure why those years are excluded from the OP's post.
  15. J T

    Peter Frampton Opening Official Reverb Shop

    Cool Stuff. "Don't we have enough pedals? No, we don't". :) Flippers are sharpening their weapons