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  1. hogy

    Just turned up on Facebook

    Switch is obviously backwards. Funny how they didn't even notice it. "Jazz on the bridge pickup of a Les Paul", not really.
  2. hogy

    Burst Killer

    I think ES-3x5 guitars are hard guitars to find a really good one. I've gone through many before I found one that had "it". By comparison, it's almost hard to find a '50 Junior or goldtop that doesn't have "it", if that makes sense. What I hear in the video is a really good Les Paul and a below...
  3. hogy

    The "Ping" and Fret Board Radius

    I have refretted well over a a hundred vintage Gibsons, and the fingerboard radius is 10". Now, the bridge radius is 12". Not sure if they did that on purpose, but that mismatch is a big part of the feel of those guitars. It brings the outside strings up higher where you need it. The high e has...
  4. hogy

    Hi I dont know what model is my guitar

    That appears to be a Gibson Les Paul Custom. Made in 2012, not 1958.
  5. hogy

    Anatomy of a Firebird Pickup

    Thread is ten years old, pictures are long gone.
  6. hogy

    '61 SG Les Paul ABR-1 Bridge

    Early '61 SG Les Paul with sideways Vibrola. Would it have had the round bottom version of the ABR-1, or flat? I'm talking about the area of the ABR-1 that sits on the thumb wheels. Round rocks back and forth with vibrato use, flat doesn't. Thanks!
  7. hogy

    To Convert or not Convert

    Yeah, a really bad one.
  8. hogy

    Studs and leaning tailpiece

    For some reason Gibson used short (1/2") bushings on those, even though the holes are typically factory drilled for full 1" bushings. The correct fix is to pull the short bushings without damaging the finish, and install full length ones in their place. This fixes the lean and most often nothing...
  9. hogy

    Why LP ‘59 is the “holy grail” vs a LP ‘60?

    Do you have a link? I can't find this. Thanks!
  10. hogy

    Why is this so "cheap"?

    Anybody seen this one in person? :hmm https://www.ebay.com/itm/1959-Gibson-Les-Paul-Standard-Paulette/164151587453?hash=item263832727d:g:On8AAOSw37Veit9O EDIT: never mind. Found the web site description. It's a refin. Ignore thread, my bad.
  11. hogy

    '59 Junior "slab" body

    I guess I never paid much attention, but just when did the edge radius on double cut Juniors change? I always thought the sharper edged "slab" body was a '58 feature, but I recently picked up a fairly high serial number '59 (9 77xx) that looks to me like it still has the sharper edges. When...
  12. hogy

    Early '80s Korina Flying Vs

    I've been wanting a "different" guitar for a while, specifically, a Flying V. I remember way back I had a friend who collected early 1980s Vs and Modernes. If memory serves, they were real Korina, and they were light as a feather. He had like 7 of those things and every one of them felt like it...
  13. hogy

    Anybody recognize this carbon fiber Les Paul case?

    I think this marginally belongs in this subforum, but if not, please move it to a more appropriate section. Here's a case for a Les Paul belonging to a fellow forum member. I'm trying to identify it. It's an oddly banana shaped carbon fiber case I think is really cool. It's very light and...
  14. hogy

    Was there ever a Norlin era 12-string Les Paul?

    Had a strange guitar come through my repair shop today. It's a refinished gold top, pancake body, three piece neck Les Paul that shows all the signs of being a converted 12-string with cut down headstock. There are plugged tuner holes that correspond to 6-on-a-strip Kluson tuners, the head...
  15. hogy

    Will the real vintage Fender experts please stand up? Hardtail question

    The original Fender Stratocaster bridge cover, aka ash tray, has a notch on the right side for the trem arm. Picture stolen from the internet: Did Fender make a cover without that notch for hardtail Strats, or did those get the same cover as trem models? Anybody know?