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  1. GuitarG

    Ampeg V2-'57 RI LP Custom clip

    I just finished this video using my newly acquired Ampeg V2 head and my '57 RI LP Custom with Timbuckers. The V2 is such a great amp and I was surprised how few video/audio clips there were on how this amp actually sounds. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ORqo2bdN4XI
  2. GuitarG

    1972 Ampeg V2 Head

    I just got my 'new' 1972 Ampeg V2 back from my amp tech and used it on 3 gigs. Fat, clean, present and monstrously loud, playing this amp is an amazing experience. Notes jump out of the speakers when you lay into the guitar. I'm currently using it with a master volume box sold by Fliptops but I...
  3. GuitarG

    By Request; LP Custom into '63 Bassman w/ 2x15" JBL

    Dan had asked if I would post a clip of one of the songs on my band's upcoming album. I'm using my Timbucker loaded '57 RI Custom into my '63 Bassman plugged into a 2x15" cab with JBL's from a Blackface Showman rig. I found the cab in the studio we were recording in and gave it a go. I'm plugged...
  4. GuitarG

    Line6 Roto Machine

    I've been using the Line6 Roto Machine for the last couple of weeks both live and in the studio and it sounds great. In the studio I'm running in stereo into two amps. Live I am running in mono. In both cases I am getting a full, lush Leslie sound that is a nice addition to my tonal range. My...
  5. GuitarG

    Fender Blender RI

    Has anyone had a chance to try out the reissue Fender Blender? I've been searching through all of the 'usual suspect' gear sites and I've only found 1 or 2 reviews. I've been wanting a Blender for ages so I've had high hopes that the reissue is fairly accurate. And yes, I know that it is a very...
  6. GuitarG

    Opinions needed from Germino users

    I'm currently playing in a blues/rock trio and I'm ready to get a new amp with more of a Marshall flavor. I've been using vintage Fenders for years and currently my main live amp is a '63 Bassman that I drive with a Landgraff. It is a great tone but I have the urge to revisit the Marshall side...
  7. GuitarG

    LPF 12-21-03 Jam

    I should probably title this one the "Do we really need another jam" jam. ;) But I like the groove and I think it is a good platform to do some playing over. LPF 12-21-03 Jam
  8. GuitarG

    Recomendations for a condensor mic for my home studio

    I want to buy a large diaphram condensor mic for my computer based (Sonar 2.2) home studio. My budget is around $300-400. Any suggestions for something in that price range? I've been looking at the ShureKSM27, AT4040/ 4033, and the AKG C3000B. Are there any other models that anyone might...
  9. GuitarG

    Timbucker sound clips by Req. Attn: Jesse Segovia

    Jesse wrote me and asked if I would repost some sound clips I did last year featuring Tim's pickups in my '57 RI Custom. I think all of these were done using my Mesa Blue Angel, some straight into the amp, some with a Landgraff overdrive. Timbucker Bridge 1 Timbucker Bridge 2 Timbucker Neck 1...
  10. GuitarG

    LP Forum Jam XXII

    Here's a swampy groove for everyone to take a shot at. I left some stops in the third verse, so let it rip in that section. I hope I got the jam number right. I think this should be 22. LPForum Jam XXII
  11. GuitarG

    Timbucker Sound clips

    I wanted to record something that shows a little of the bloom we talk about when describing Tim's pickups. I recorded this with my RI LP Custom with Timbuckers in the front and rear. I plugged into my '62 Bassman combo with 2x12" Weber C12N's and miced with a 57. The amp volume is at around 6...
  12. GuitarG

    '62 Bassman combo & LP

    This is my new favorite rig. I posted this pic in the tone zone a few days ago in a thread about Weber speakers, but it sounds so good I had to post it again. The cabinet is from Crusty's cabs and I'm using 2 Weber C12N's.
  13. GuitarG

    My '62 Fender Bassman combo

    I just got this amp put together. It is a '62 Bassman head in a combo cab with 2x 12's. One is a Weber C12N and the other is a Mesa C12 type that came in a Mark combo I had many years ago. I've got another new Weber that will go in after I do a small cutout on the speaker frame. The guitar is my...
  14. GuitarG

    I just did a pot job on my '67 335.

    Note to self: Never ever, ever, ever do that again! ;) It started out easy enough. I used a thick fishing line and tied off the pots, switch and output jack. Pulled them out through the rear pickup slot. OK, so far so good. Replaced the pots I was going to change, cleaned everything with tuner...
  15. GuitarG

    My new amp project. Problem with speaker clearance on chassis.

    I just got a beautiful Blonde 2x12 combo cabinet for my '62 bassman head. I have two Weber C12N's that I want to use. The problem is that there is not enough clearance between the amp chassis and the upper speaker. One of the transformers is about an inch too low and the speaker won't fit. I had...