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  1. GreenRiver

    All Parts Nylon or Graphtech Saddles - ABR-1 ?

    Some of my favorite guitars had nylon ABR-1 saddles. I am considering a purchase of either the All Parts Nylon or Graphtech saddles. Anyone use one or the other or both?
  2. GreenRiver

    Original Les Paul Documentation - Free

    Not sure this is in the correct thread category...but here goes. I went through my guitar closet today and found a few documents that the owners of these guitars might want. If so contact me via my forum email and I will send these to you for free. You must forward a photo of the serial...
  3. GreenRiver

    Changes to improve eBay

    Let's keep this real hoping eBay will pay attention and let's keep it going. At some point I will contact eBay to ask them to take a look for ways to improve their site as a Safe Harbor for trade. Let's discuss suggestions that will make their site a safe, secure, regulated, and verified...
  4. GreenRiver

    Warranty Card for 03 Brazilian 59 # 9 3360 - No Charge

    I just received a guitar with the incorrect warranty card. The Warranty Card is for an 03 Brazilian 59 Serial # 9 3360. If you currenty own the guitar and want the card shoot me an email. No charge for it - just thought it might help to complete the paperwork.
  5. GreenRiver

    Rate this guitars condition

    Based on the definitions below please rate the condition of this 2002 Gibson Les Paul Historic. All original + straplocks. Rate as though there are no other imperfections beyond the worming shown and a few (5) edge dings - none of which go through the finish. Brand New Unused, no previous...
  6. GreenRiver

    68 GT

    Ebay GT I like the guitar but the sellers auctions are reading a lot like Goodeez7 without the girly photos.
  7. GreenRiver

    1994 59 Murphy Sighting

    I couldn't help myself. The flash washed the color out a little but this coloring is pretty acurate from the switch to the knobs. It is pretty well faded.
  8. GreenRiver

    All Original ?

    I was considering this 53 Goldtop from a pretty big dealer. One I have always considered reputable. After confirming verbally that it is all original repeatedly, I get this photo...
  9. GreenRiver

    53 Goldtop for Sale

    Seems I must have PC BO or something.... http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3703465387&category=38086 I've been considering a vintage purchase but keep running in to the same situation. The sellers don't seem to have time to take any more detailed pictures of areas of...
  10. GreenRiver

    How to report a fraudulent Les Paul Auction to Ebay

    Ebay Fraud Reporting Link I just had contact with TWO fraudulent sellers from the "US" suposedly now living/visiting Italy. I know a lot of people here have complained about how difficult it is to find the route to reporting to eBay fraudulent actions, etc. Here is the link that gets you qued...
  11. GreenRiver

    Original Parts Question

    I have a 69 Custom with the type of strap buttons below. I am pretty sure they are an origianl Gibson button but not sure if they are origanl to my guitar, the rest of the hardware is of course gold. I like them because they work great but have a much more original look to me than...
  12. GreenRiver

    Birdland vs Les Paul Bigsby

    I have a 69 LP Custom and have been considering adding a Bigsby to it. I saw a 63 Birdalnd Bigsby on ebay and wondered if it would fit properly. It is nice in that it does not require any mounting hardware on the top that requires drilling...
  13. GreenRiver

    Rick Nielson Heritage 80?

    Explain to me how a guitar stamped 81611092 is then ordered on November 1, 1981. What? Stamped somtime in early June...and then it sat around the factory for roughly five months? Also, note the order number. It appears to have been changed with a pen of a different color. Hmmm...
  14. GreenRiver

    V with a "Cross member" & Bigsby

    I have never seen one of these before. The pic comes from the Dennis Chandler Web Page and states it is a: Lonnie Mack Flying V This is the only natural Lonnie Mack V. It was customed finished by Gibson for D.C.
  15. GreenRiver

    Why do I doubt the gent?

    This (0) UK seller has a LP Supreme for sale using a stock photo and yet no one in the US has one, best I can tell. Hmmmm...what are your thoughts? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=2546748582&category=2384