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  1. fjminor

    1955/59 Les Paul Conversion.

    Awesome job. Love the deep cherry. I have a 2003 GT Brazilian, and the prior owner(s) attempted artificial aging and it just looks all wrong. Would love to have this refinished like the Burst Drew has on hands here,
  2. fjminor

    Will Gibson Custom ever remake a Pearly Gates Reissue again??

    These were going for close to $7k when they first came out, so they bumped up in price +15%, and I for one, loved this run. I still have my BG058, and created my own with a collaboration with Dave Johnson to build something more in line with the real Pearly..... I would start the search for an...
  3. fjminor

    Black Beauty 3 way Switch/3 volumes-1 tone re-wiring help needed

    I am re-wiring my 3 P/U Black Beauty to a 3 volume/1 tone configuration. I have searched multiple sources and still feel I am not 100% with the rewiring specs for this new configuration. What I am not sure about is the switch rewiring and the tone pot wiring. The diagram I am referencing...
  4. fjminor

    Hot Firebird VII player...

    Always liked PJ Harvey, even better now elegantly wearing a Firebird VII.....:hank:yah:dude:
  5. fjminor

    I wanna be like Daughtry too......

    Not bad for an iPhone
  6. fjminor

    Greg - and all others that repair guitars.....question

    I know you are all perfect...:dude::hank:salude, just a question in general - how do you break it to the customer that you accidentally knicked/dinged their guitar? The better repairmen most likely will have the skills to correct the ding. I have more of an issue if the accident is not...
  7. fjminor

    Maple or Marijuana - SJ200

    I am in an exhaustive search for an acoustic SJ200. I saw this one on EBAY, love the color, which first got my attention, then looking closer at the ornate work - even more beauty. Gibson is calling this an Autumn Gallery, and contains inlays of falling maple leaves on the headstock and...
  8. fjminor

    VOS Bridge Troubles - solved with Fret Doctor.

    I have a couple of VOS guitars and the bridge on these guitars contain some type of aging agent which for the most part, makes it difficult to get the saddle screws to turn, and at times when attempting to turn them, the screws will actually lift. I also noticed that at times that slight lift...
  9. fjminor

    Hi Greg - Any Advice on installing Kluson Wafflebacks from reg. Klusons?

    Hi Greg, That wonderful Black Beauty that you installed a nylon nut for me now is wanting some Waffleback Klusons installed. What is your advice on dealing with the 1/16" longer (screws center to center) difference from the regular Klusons to Wafflebacks? My plan is to plug the holes with a...
  10. fjminor

    Happy Birthday Joe!!

    :bday: Joe Walsh - Happy Birthday. :frank: :bday: Thanks for everything!!! You are truly one of the most influential guitar players in my life!!! This version of Turn To Stone still gives me goosebumps... <iframe width="420" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/pl-IErWc4U0"...
  11. fjminor

    Dave Johnson recreation's of Pearly Gates #2

    Introducing another Dave Johnson Makeover - Pearly Gates recreation. This beauty was given the gift of a Hard Rock Maple top. Again Dave knocked it out of the park. Without further delay, some pics now, more pics to come.
  12. fjminor

    Dave Johnson's recreation of The African Burst

    ;Introducing a Dave Johnson Makeover - The African Burst recreation. This recreation was the most difficult and the most costly. To me, The African Burst is the quintessential Burst. I have been looking for THE Historic that has this type of offset Curly Maple top, but to date have not...
  13. fjminor

    Dave Johnson recreation of Pearly Gates #1

    Introducing a Dave Johnson Makeover - Pearly Gates recreation. First off, my thanks to Dave for completing these guitars in the face of extreme family matters that would make most of us fall off the face of the earth. I could not believe how down to earth Dave was when I met him in person. A...
  14. fjminor

    How not to drive a Power Boat

    With bikini cladded chicks aboard - this is too funny!!! Don Johnson - NOT! :## :rofl <iframe width="560" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/dE-nfzcUiPk" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  15. fjminor

    Infrared Digital Pictures

    Sent a Nikon D610 to LifePixel and had a Super Color Infrared Filter permanently installed. Just experimenting with Infrared photography. Definitely a learning curve with this, and mandatory Photoshop to mix color channels - but it is very cool.