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  1. fernieite

    Family Photo From 1983 to 2011

    Wow, cool family! However, that poor Strat looks lonely. Maybe you could get a Telecaster or Jazzmaster to even things up? ;)
  2. fernieite

    Four Uncles ABR-1 bridge just in and...

    Looking forward to hearing further reviews. Btw, who are the other 3 uncles? (Dave Stephens + ?)
  3. fernieite

    Four Uncles ABR-1 bridge just in and...

    Just curious, with the FU bridge, are the saddles loosely fitted? For example, If you break a string, could a saddle fall out and get lost?
  4. fernieite

    Hey Burst experts, how accurate is Historic Makeovers?

    Kim did my 2007 R8 in 2010. (Back then Kip Elder did the finishing) It's got early Throbak SLE-101+ LTD pickups with the vintage wire as well. I bought them from Jon in 2008. Looks like a vintage burst to me. (y) (I'm not an expert though; or a photographer. ;) )
  5. fernieite

    Four Uncles ABR-1 bridge just in and...

    I don't know if the Four Uncles guys thought the name through all that well... ( See the above acronym ^ :LOL: ) Looks like a nice bridge though. (y)
  6. fernieite

    Replacement knobs?

    My brain hurts from trying to visualize this, but yes I believe your hypothesis is correct. (y);)
  7. fernieite

    Replacement knobs?

    Yes, they're upside down and backwards. :sneaky:
  8. fernieite

    Four Uncles ABR-1 bridge just in and...

    Gaston, what tailpiece did you go with? Also, the guitar didn't "bloom" like that before you replaced those parts?
  9. fernieite

    Did Jimmy Page help popularize the EDS 1275?

    Edit: Yeah, here's a link that shows the one Elvis had in 1965 or 66. http://www.scottymoore.net/ep65EBS1250.html
  10. fernieite

    Did Jimmy Page help popularize the EDS 1275?

    Cool, I never knew so many had used a double neck! Didn't Elvis Presley have one too? Btw, I think Stairway was done on the Harmony Sovereign H1260, not the D28.
  11. fernieite

    Best Case Recommendation

    Best case scenario... (see what I did there ;)) IMO, is to get an old 70s generation 1 Protector case. I love those things!
  12. fernieite

    Burst 9-1998

    Will the real 9-1998 please stand up! 🙃
  13. fernieite

    Harrison/Clapton Lucy bites it...see if you wince too

    Yeah, I was shocked. I'm glad it landed on it's butt and avoided a headstock break. John Lennon's reaction was classic. "A guitar fell over Paul, a guitar fell over!" :D
  14. fernieite

    Bring Out Your Clones! (Marshall)

    Here's my 2003 / 2004 Gabi Bucataru (Gabriel) 1974 18 watt replica. Swanson cabinet. Heyboar transformers. Gabi was the admin at the 18 watt Forum back then, and I had him build this beauty for me. This was just as he was starting to build full-time with his new company Gabriel Sound Garage...
  15. fernieite

    New Amp Day!

    Congrats! What speakers are in that beast? Btw, I just snagged a (much smaller and lighter) Marshall 1965a 4×10 cab. Great stuff! Hey BK, you might want to black out your address in that photo...