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  1. fernieite

    Four Uncles ABR-1 bridge just in and...

    Aw, don't make me; damn it! :sneaky: https://coopermusicalcomponents.com/purchase/ols/products/cooper-musical-components-1950s-bridge-reproduction-wscrews-and-tooling-marked-saddles
  2. fernieite

    Marshall sv20h cab question

    Another good option for the SV20H is to find a used 1980s Marshall 1965 4x10 Celestion G10L-35 cab. (140 watt 8 ohm cabs) They sound great, and are light, (45 lbs) so they're easy to move around. Here's my SV20H on a full stack of 1965s.
  3. fernieite

    NGD (yesterday): 2020 Light Aged Murphy Lab '58 LP

    Right on man! Looks kinda like Frank Pine's old 59. :) (see attached photo) Yours sounds really good too! It's in good hands. Congrats!
  4. fernieite

    Skinner Burst

    Nut slot depth. Stop bar height. (He usually top wraps, I think. Is the stop bar all the way down?)
  5. fernieite

    What type of reverb is this?

    Me too! 3 great plate sounds. đź‘Ť Here's a good review of the pedal. https://www.premierguitar.com/gear/reviews/universal-audio-golden-reverberator-the-premier-guitar-review
  6. fernieite

    Educate me on Chainsaw Cases . . .

    Here's a lengthy thread from another forum. https://www.mylespaul.com/threads/the-complete-gibson-chainsaw-case-expo-w-fit-examples-pic-heavy.380853/
  7. fernieite

    What type of reverb is this?

    Another great (but expensive) reverb pedal is the UA Golden Reverberator. It has 3 different flavors of EMT 140, spring, etc. https://www.uaudio.com/guitar-pedals/golden-reverberator.html
  8. fernieite

    To pickguard or not?

    Always on. Otherwise, it's naked! :)
  9. fernieite

    Dem big belly 1952`s

    Interesting. Are you using a wrap-around bridge as a stop-tail? It also looks like you're bottom wrapping it. Is that because the neck angle is the original from 1952 and needs more string pressure? I guess you could also drill the back holes out a little larger on the wrap-around and string...
  10. fernieite

    Adding a strap button on an SG cutaway.

    That's how sister Rosetta Tharpe played her SG. đź‘Ť https://www.guitarworld.com/artists/forgotten-guitar-hendrix-elvis-and-chuck-berry-there-was-sister-rosetta-tharpe
  11. fernieite


    That was my first question. However, since you were a bit cryptic, I thought what's the point? So, if you're in a sharing mood; how about spilling the beans? Is it Mel Bay? :)
  12. fernieite

    I had a scary thought

    Any pics of the modded Strat and Tele? Sounds interesting. I'd wait, and probably end up keeping the Strat and Tele, and save up for an R9.
  13. fernieite

    Is this serial number legit?

    Yep, looks like a nice early 1963 LPJ. (Or late 62) I've got one just like it. Great guitars! Here's a helpful link that discusses them. https://solidguitar.fandom.com/wiki/SG_Junior
  14. fernieite

    Is this serial number legit?

    Btw, from that serial number range, I'd imagine it has Centralab pots from late 1962 or early 1963. They would be stamped on the sides of the pots. 134 means Centralab, the next two digits are the year, (ie: 63) and the final two digits are the week of that year...
  15. fernieite

    Is this serial number legit?

    I could be wrong, but that serial number may indicate 1963. It looks legit from the photo. Is the wraparound bridge the smooth type that's on quite a bit of an angle, or the lightning bolt type that's more horizontal looking? The pot dates will help figure out the year too. (if they're...