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  1. fakejake

    Listing modern day guitar heroes

    I'm a jazz guy mostly, so I'd say Kurt Rosenwinkel and Julian Lage.
  2. fakejake

    Current bursts for sale...

    Might just be boomers retiring or dying, so they or their famlies sell off their collections
  3. fakejake

    RIP Eddie Van Halen, 65

    I think that's a faded burst. Look at the colour in the cavity.
  4. fakejake

    Current bursts for sale...

    FS in Europe:
  5. fakejake

    How would have kids in the 60ies reacted to later rock music?

    Being a fan of both music from the 60ies and of the 90ies, I wonder how people would have reacted if now popular rock bands like Metallica, RHCP, Green Day etc. would have appeared on the scene in the 60ies out of nowhere. Would they have been shocked or maybe unable to 'get' the styles that...
  6. fakejake

    Current Band That Has Been Together The Longest With All Original Members

    Crazy Horse? They've been around since the late 60ies.
  7. fakejake

    Burst 9-1998

    Wait, are you suggesting Gruhn is unknowingly selling a repro as a burst?
  8. fakejake

    1957 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop ? serial 7-2595 ? Real or Fake ?

    Let me say it again: Great, great thread! 😁
  9. fakejake

    1957 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop ? serial 7-2595 ? Real or Fake ?

    Easily my favourite thread at the moment :) Guys, please continue! :cool:
  10. fakejake

    What is going on with this LP Custom Headstock?

    That's a real Gibson, no doubt, but there definitely has been a repair to the binding.
  11. fakejake

    9 0643 and 9 0696 "Grainger-Burst" up for auction at Heritage

    Maybe he just realized, that with the ammout of gain he uses all these guitars sound the same 😂
  12. fakejake

    Godzilla's '59??

  13. fakejake

    The least expensive tube amp

    Nice playing! You make all of those rather budget guitars and amps sound great!
  14. fakejake

    Untouched since 1964 les paul 1959 burst find. in near mint conditioin.

    I was on the believer side at first, but I'm starting to seriously doubt the story now... OP, if you are still reading this: give us some sign of life!