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    Anyone using Sigil humbuckers?

    I have a Peter Green set ..the set is great but the neck pickup is special. Years ago I asked him to do me a Kossoff set..this was before he offered them and might have been the first . He wound it with vintage wire . I have them in a 62 reissue SG. That guitar vibrates with those pups in it.
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    What ToneBender model did Jeff Beck use on Truth/Beck-Ola ?

    I still admire his tone back then with a Les Paul. Does anyone know what he used on those records ?
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    50th Anniversary Firebird Pickups

    I have one of these guitars and I think they are ceramic magnets. Johnny Winter, Allen Collins and Brian Jones are the Firebird players familiar to me. Winter looks like he played stock Birds. Collins had a P90 in his bridge and a mini humbucker in the neck. Can anyone Recommend a replacement...
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    2013 R9

    Generally the first thing I do with most of my guitars is upgrade the pickups. I got a new R9 in 2013 and the pickups are great . This never happens to me and I will keep this guitar stock. What did Gibson use that year should I want to try to pick up a used pair for another guitar ?