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    Kendrick Texas Crude

    I'm a bit late to the party but my LGS has a clean, minty Texas Crude "Gusher" 2 x 12 combo ("Austin" cab), with EL34s and "Brown frame" speakers. At low volume, it's tones were glorious, warm and glassy. I did crank it for a bit using my 5-string Tele and she indeed rocked. I phoned Kendrick...
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    Jimmy McCulloch—the sad ending of his guitar playing tenure

    Howdy, Jimmy could play. His solo on "Junior's Farm" is all the proof I need.
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    The Fabled Les Paul/Gibson tuning issues?

    Howdy, Happened to Keith Richard on the Sullivan show after his solo on "The Last Time". He had to turn down his Guitar volume for the remainder of the song. My LP Special stays in tune nicely, btw.
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    LP '50s Std., but in sunburst and w/ p-90s..

    Howdy, I retire from teaching later this year and would like to have a Gibson LP Std., but with P90s and one of Gibson's lovely sunburst finishes. Does anyone have such a Gibson from the factory? I just e-mailed Gibson about this and hope they could accommodate me for little, if any extra...