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Petty Officer, USN.
Jacksonville, FL
Current Gear
2010 R8 VOS,
2007 Gibson LP Junior
2005 Fender 50s Classic Telecaster
2006 Fender Highway 1 Stratocaster
2001 Epiphone 335 Dot
Marshall DSL-50
JCM800 4 x 12 cabinet
Previous Gear
Too many to mention, most of which I wish I still retained.
Musical Influences


Guitars: Gibson R8 VOS, Gibson LP JR, Fender HWY1 Strat, Fender 50's Tele, Fender 70's Tele Custom, Epiphone Dot 335
Amp: Marshall YJM100 + 1960BHW Cabinet
Effects: Analog Man Sunface, Crybaby wah, Line6 M13


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