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  1. Doctor Butcher

    Les Paul Commercial

    Dig this!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ze9FopzWbV4&feature=youtube_gdata_player :yah
  2. Doctor Butcher

    Switch Tip advice

    I have a VOS 9. I was wondering how many of you keep the switch tip on when you put the guitar on the case. When I bought the guitar the tip was stored in the case in a small zip lock bag as part of the case candy. The first night I had it I put the guitar in the case with the tip on. The next...
  3. Doctor Butcher

    New Girl

    Sell house.......Buy Les Paul.......move into an apartment! :peace2 This one took me a lotta hubcaps.....Let's enjoy! Fat and sassy Carve-a-licious! Stripe-y! What a piece of ass!:headbange
  4. Doctor Butcher

    IzeOfTheWorld Les Paul Picture Thread: Joe Bonamassa' Goldtop

    IzeOfTheWorld Les Paul Picture Thread Hey now! It's Dr.B Here! Some of you know that I come from the city of electric blues: Chicago. Some great acts come through here, some big name performers and some not-so-well-known underdogs. I have a good friend who hits a lot of the smaller venues where...
  5. Doctor Butcher

    New Paulbearer

    Hey Now Everyone, I have been lurking here about 4 months, Joined about a month ago and enjoy the people and the amount of knowledge that everybody is willing to share about these beautiful works of musical art. Well, here are my ladies, from left to right: 1970 Deluxe Goldtop routed for...