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    WTB OTPG pickups and or DryZ pickups

    HI, Im on the search for a pair of OTPG pickups and or a set of DryZ's. Have owned both in the past and regretted letting them go so would be great to get another set. Based in the UK. Thanks
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    Johnny B / Rajin Cajun for sale

    I saw on social media Joe replying to a comment why he's selling some of his bursts and he replied that apartments are expensive. Another post seems to suggest he's bought an apartment In New York where he was originally renting. He may still be buying the explorer who knows but I got the...
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    1954 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top - real or fake?

    I mean it's a Gibson, but it's not an old actual 54 Gibson
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    1957 GT p-90 Opinions wanted

    It's a cool guitar and im sure sounds great but its way overpriced IMO. That's getting closed to 57/58 Goldtop money. In fact I played a clean 56 over here in the UK a few weeks back which is alot cheaper.
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    NGD 1960 Epiphone coronet rare transition model

    I popped it in here as the description was "The Topic area for discussions about other Gibsons... The ES Series, Carved Tops, Explorers, Flying Vs, Firebirds, Futuras, Acoustics, SGs and Epiphones that were made in the Gibson factory [c. 1958-1968]"
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    NGD 52 / 57 Conversion

    Thank you all, Very kind and its great to be amongst fellow GAS sufferers. i have to say the finish work is excellent on this one, Never seen Dave's work up close but its really nice indeed. This one player really well, I need to double check the weight but I think its around 9lbs.
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    NGD 1960 Epiphone coronet rare transition model

    HI from the UK. I recently found and purchased this 1960 Epiphone coronet here in London. Hidden behind a few guitars on stands was this thing of beauty. A bit of research later and a chat with Mat from Gibson and it turns out this one is a very rare transitional model between the 59 style with...
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    NGD 52 / 57 Conversion

    HI From the UK, Thought I'd post a pic of my newly acquired conversion. I've owned a couple of great LP's, Juniors and special's but this is my first 50's LP Standard. It was bought by the previous owner from Killer Vintage about 15 Years ago as a stripped guitar (Has lovely flame) and then sent...
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    Build A Burst

    Yeah I recently got a build a burst, Really nice guitar. It feels very old and has faded really nice now. I always wanted mine to look like a road dog so it's got some strong relicing going on and it's ageing well on its own. I swapped out the Wizz's for a pair of OTPG pickups that I tracked...
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    WTB One or pair of 1950's Soap bar p90's

    As the title says im looking for a pair of soap bar p90's from the 50's. With or without covers is fine but no rewinds or repairs. Im open to just one also. Thanks
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    Here’s something you rarely see show up on a gig these days

    I regularly gig my 55 Special here in the UK. It's a Clive Brown refin which makes it a little easier.
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    50's soapbar p90's fit

    haha thanks - Bloody spell check! Thanks alot, I'd heard someone say they didn't fit in their reissue hence my post but thanks for clarifying
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    50's soapbar p90's fit

    I have a matching pair of 56 soapbox p90's that came out of a standard in my spare pile. Been thinking about putting them into a guitar but would most likely be an R4 or R6? Will these p90's fit in a modern reissue? Thanks
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    WTB Pair of 1950's soapbar p90's

    Open to any year of 50's soapbox p90's. Ideally not rewinds or repaired. Thanks
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    WTB Players Grade Melody maker (Singlecut) or Junior (Singlecut)

    Looking to buy a players grade Melody Maker or Junior but would like a single cut version of either. I don't mind breaks, refins etc. Any state would be considered. Based in the UK but have family in the US so CITES not an issue. Thanks