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    New Les Paul 60s has corrosion

    The dude did nothing but post a question whether it’s common to encounter what he’s seeing on his guitar. Your reaction was a tirade about people slagging companies on the internet, “gathering the masses for a burning”, so on and so forth, clearly accusing him of doing the same. All because he...
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    New Les Paul 60s has corrosion

    I’m well aware of what you wrote; I can read. Did he change the post or not? That’s not difficult to understand. If he changed the post, you may have a point. But if the post here is what he originally wrote, then you’re the one being incendiary and definitely raking the guy over the coals for...
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    New Les Paul 60s has corrosion

    Did his post change from the time he originally posted it and I read it? Because I’m not seeing it. :unsure::unsure:
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    New Les Paul 60s has corrosion

    Haha, wow. There’s no indication that he was going to do anything like what you’re suggesting here. The dude is asking a simple question to which you’re constructing quite the scenario in your head. Might want to take a moment to ponder your reply and ask yourself, “who is the one really holding...
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    2020-21 Les Paul Standard 50s ABR and Graph Tech nut question

    The holes are for adjusting the bridge height with an Allen wrench instead of the thumb wheels. They’re wonderful. The second smallest key on the Phillips screwdriver side of the Gibson multi tool is that size. The side of the nut is just the finish. Ignore it. If you ever decide to replace the...
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    NGD- 2020 V1 60th/60 (replacement direct from Gibson)

    Hey all! I recently posted a thread asking about possible effect of resonance and sustain on a guitar with swirled grain. I showed pics of a guitar that Gibson was offering to send to me as a replacement to another I had bought earlier this year, but sent in for warranty work and, eventually...
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    Does the grain pattern on the back have any bearing on resonance, sustain, and sound?

    I'm currently in discussion with Gibson for a replacement on my 60th Anniversary V1 R0 that went if for warranty work right after I got it (finish issues). I did get it back and it came back with a ding on the back and the case wasn't mine. Gibson said they would be willing to do a replacement...