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  1. Daking1959

    NGD - Gibson Custom Shop 356 - Post pictures of yours…

    both are absolutely stunning..just curious, what do these 2 cost.
  2. Daking1959

    Hey it's Mat from Gibson Product Development - AMA

    Greetings Mat, I have a BlackBeauty that i bought new in 1993. Ive tried looking up the serial number, but get nothing. any ideas? in yellow ink 2 7176 many thanks
  3. Daking1959

    Gibson Les Paul Standard 1960 Original Owner with tags

    wonder what songs they played?
  4. Daking1959

    25 Years of Service Award

    nice perk..I just got my 39yr service award..a coffee cup.
  5. Daking1959

    Gibson factory 2 nds..

    I tried a seach on the 2nds. The best Lp I have owned was a black custom with a 2 on the back of the head stock. it had 2 nickel humbuckers, and it had a wonderful tone to it. I am looking for some history of the 2 that were made, and why they made available to the public. I bought mine in 78...
  6. Daking1959

    Eric Clapton to be knighted..

    by the Queen? Recently saw the Showtime doc..Life in 12 Bars. I have a new appreciation for Clapton after watching this doc. I noticed a couple of Bursts he used in the 60s..some with the PU covers off, and the guard off. The Beano Les Paul?? I saw Clapton shortly after the Grammys in 93. A...
  7. Daking1959

    Martin D41 and Fender Deluxe reverb..

    greetings..I have a Deluxe reverb that I want to put my D41 with a Fishman Pu..(goose neck) what are the best options..not use the pu and use a mic? The deluxe sounds very good with both of my Les Pauls, and I would like to try and make the Martin work as well any guidance would be helpful...
  8. Daking1959

    weight relief..

    Is there a way to check If my LPC 57 BB (early 90s) is a swiss cheese model..the serial # 2 7176..in yellow it weighs 9.8lbs
  9. Daking1959

    Need some guidance on a serial#

    greetings..my first post.. enjoy this site, and great photos. I bought a BB, 3 pus, solid mohogany, no maple cap. each pick up has a black PAF sticker I bought this new, from Elederly instrumants in 91. this has the slimmest neck I have ever played cant find any info, and it comes up not in...