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  1. Cream Fan

    Getting the Mapleflame Mod Patented

    Unless I'm misunderstanding you, you cannot patent the name of the process, but only the process itself. However, you can trademark the Mapleflame name.
  2. Cream Fan

    Michael Allsup Of 3 Dog Night playing a 1970 Black Gibson Les Paul

    I believe that Les Paul Custom had to be a '69 at the very least because I saw the band perform at Fillmore East August 2, 1969 and I remember him playing that guitar and thinking it looked really cool.
  3. Cream Fan

    PRS McCarty Joe Walsh Limited Edition

    I remember an interview with Brad Whitford of Aerosmith who was commenting on the interviewer's question as to why they stopped using PRS guitars. I believe this was back in the late 80s. Whitford said something to the effect that they didn't like the way they recorded, that they were lacking...
  4. Cream Fan

    Clapton on a Special

    That's the Fender Bass VI that was later given a psychedelic paint job by The Fool, along with Clapton's '64 SG.
  5. Cream Fan

    Hazy on “SG” History...

    To my knowledge, SGs did not have a stop tail until the 70s. Brazilian rosewood was used up until around 1966. Not sure when Gibson stopped using hide glue.
  6. Cream Fan

    Four SGs - 1961, 62, 62, 62

    Great SGs, Mike. How's the intonation on that red Special? That bridge looks like they overdid the slant a bit too much.
  7. Cream Fan

    Jimmy Page : The Anthology

    I've got my copy, too! What amazes me is that Page never threw anything away. After he's gone, you have enough to fill a museum.
  8. Cream Fan

    How LOW can the Gjika 10n go?

    Here is a great video that shows how low in volume you can play the 10n. I can attest to this personally. If you want to play at midnight and disturb NO ONE, this is the amp that will do that without losing tone. The video is long and also includes a demo regarding signal splits to two amps...
  9. Cream Fan

    A short video about valve amps.

    I respect what the man had to say, though I disagree with his contention that tubes don't have a "sound." If that were the case, why bother having so many varieties of tubes that performed the same function, i. e. power tubes? Yes, wattage, for sure, but why else? I'll admit some of the sonic...
  10. Cream Fan

    The "if you had a time machine" concert.

    Band of Gypsies, December 31, 1969 or January 1, 1970, Fillmore East. Emerson, Lake & Palmer November 14, 1973, Miami Jai Alai Fronton. This was the first show of the Brain Salad Surgery Tour. I was there, but I'd love to experience that show again in all its quadraphonic glory. I also have...
  11. Cream Fan


    I've owned this guitar since '04 and had Kim LaFleur and his excellent crew do their magic in 2014. It's a great guitar, but after five years the frets were played out. I've known Bob since our days in Boston and he was my first and only choice to do the refret. I also wanted stainless frets...
  12. Cream Fan

    Fed Up with Photobucket!

    I really grew tired of their constant ads, but I was tolerant until they decided to make me pay to 3rd Party host my photos on sites such as this one. Now, if I look through old posts, instead of the image there is a notification to upgrade my account. I even saw this when trying to access...
  13. Cream Fan

    My New Eric Johnson Strat

    Just picked this up last month. It was one of those times you walk into a Guitar Center, see it on the wall and decide to try it out for a lark. I ended up taking it home. It blew me away, and I've always found Strats problematic. None of that here. Tropical Turquoise, 12" radius on the...
  14. Cream Fan

    Bob Gjika's New Amp

    I just wanted to give everyone the heads up about Bob's new amp, the 10n (Powers of Ten) that is a mono single channel update of the legendary Stereo Single-Ended amp that Shawn Lane used to record his seminal debut album, "Powers of Ten." Here are a couple of videos that demonstrate the use of...