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  1. clapciadrix

    Noel Gallagher 355 is coming

    Don’t know much about Oasis, but if I was looking for a 355, this one would tick a lot of the boxes. I’m not sure if a non-artist ML custom shop 355 would be much less than $10,000.
  2. clapciadrix

    Fender 2022 Todd Krause 1956 Stratocaster master built NEW PRICE $7,000

    Please email mostsupremerob @yahoo.com for detailed pictures/questions thanks
  3. clapciadrix

    Bartel Starwood amp SOLD

    I don’t use “mint”, this Starwood is in excellent ++ condition No issues $4,200+shipping PP Please email mostsupremerob@yahoo.com for detailed pictures thanks
  4. clapciadrix

    Vintage Sound 15 amp/with tiki padded cover $1,100 SOLD

    Vintage Sound 15 amp $1,100 shipping/pp please email mostsupremerob@yahoo.com for detailed pictures. Recent re-tube No issues plays/sounds great Burgandy leatherette/ tuki padded cover black reverb/vibro foot switch Let me know if you have any questions thanks
  5. clapciadrix

    Hey it's Mat from Gibson Product Development - AMA

    Hi Matt, Ive purchased a couple of new (2020-2022) VOS aged Gibsons and would like to ask about the technique used to age the pickup covers and to raise the question: is the aging department going too fast? Is anyone making sure that the technics employed to get the desired effects of aging...
  6. clapciadrix

    Plain Top vintage Les Pauls

    Any one care to share their pictures of vintage plain top Les Pauls? Thanks
  7. clapciadrix

    The new pio caps

    I’m wondering what the new Luxe PIO caps look like, anyone able to put up a photo? Thanks
  8. clapciadrix

    2015 true historic guitar

    Can anyone please show the 2015 True Historic press release from Gibson,that describes which models/year and how many they would make for the world? Thanks!
  9. clapciadrix

    Duane Allman's Cherry s/b serial#

    Can anyone tell me the serial# of Duane Allman's cherry s/b '59? The one Gibson re-issued in 2013. Any one know where I might find some good photo's of it? Thank you for your time!!
  10. clapciadrix

    The New LPF

    Hello, I have been watching you all for about six years because, for some reason I joined LPF but was not allowed post etc. Now I can. I would like to thank the kind person from FB who made it happen. I love the new energy here. Can't wait to mix it up with y'all! Cheers!