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  1. chaseej

    1959 Les Paul Documentary Trailer by Max

    Max sent me an email today with a link to his 59 Burst Doumentary trailer. I asked if I could post a link to share with you guys. The trailer is very cool and contains clips of Max interviewing Slash, Billy Gibbon's, Rick Nielsen, Les Paul and a few other scoundrals that belong to this forum...
  2. chaseej

    58 Korina Flying V Neck Joint any pics?

    I'm looking for pics of neck joints of a 58 Korina Flying V. Curious why the 58 Korina V neck joint has the body overlap on the neck heel? Also why dont the 58 Explorers have this same detail? Any comments? :photos
  3. chaseej

    Vintage Burst's Did they all weather check?

    I was wondering what percentage of Vintage Burst's had weather checking? Has anyone seen old Burst's with no weather checking? Things that make you go Hmmmm?
  4. chaseej

    Lucien Loriente LP's

    Lucien, Please email me regarding your LP's. My computer crashed last week and I was not able to save any information on it. Including your phone number and email address. Please email ASAP, Sorry I know this isn't the right place to post this type of message but very important. Dave J