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Recent content by BluePat

  1. BluePat

    Pigtail ABR-1

    In great shape, with new unslotted saddles $100.00 US Message me for pics...
  2. BluePat

    Hank shreds...

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ILtr_MEHVE :wah I apologize if this has been posted before, but for the benefit of those who haven't witnessed...
  3. BluePat

    Spacing at bridge E to E

    Hi all, I seem to recall reading some time ago that proper Gibson spec for the string spacing (E to E) should be 2 1/16" center to center, can anyone substantiate that, as it seems it's all over the map when you measure individual guitars? Thanks
  4. BluePat

    ABR-1 holes too large for posts...

    This one is driving me bugs... :bigal The holes in the ABR-1 are oversized in that there is plenty of flex when you wiggle the bridge back and forth, to and fro, etc. This seems to result in a bridge that flexes like mad when you bend strings, thus pitch/tuning problems that follows on the...
  5. BluePat

    Market value for a new Lifton LP case

    Hi all, Just inquiring (not spamming) on what one in minty shape would be worth? :hmm
  6. BluePat

    P90 keeps moving upwards...

    Hi all, I recently bought a LP Studio Tribute, love it but the P90 in the bridge won't stay at a constant height. My playing style may be a little aggressive so I must be inadvertently turning the height adjustment screws. I thought of using some thread seal on the screws, but maybe someone...
  7. BluePat

    Do you think this Lester might be on the heavy side?..

    Snapped this at a mall nearby where I live... The detail is unreal on it!
  8. BluePat

    Anyone ever try this?..

    A 250K volume pot in the bridge (humbucker) pickup, with no cap in place? What did you think? :hmm Pat
  9. BluePat

    Rick Wright dead at 65...

    Gone to that great gig in the sky... http://www.rollingstone.com/rockdaily/index.php/2008/09/15/pink-floyd-founding-member-rick-wright-dead-at-65/ :rip Rick
  10. BluePat

    I don't get it...

    My pet peeve with U.S. sellers (eBay, or whatever) that insist on shipping product(s) their preferred way (FedEx, USPS Priority International, etc) and when I compare the cost to have it shipped to Canada, it's almost on par with that if I lived in the Ukraine, or Madagsacar for Christ's sake...
  11. BluePat

    Price check on a 335...

    Hi all, I'm considering a purchase of a 1980 ES335 done in sunburst, I haven't held it in my hands yet, but the pics show it to be in really fine shape, and ostensibly original. Would this be equipped with Shaw 'buckers? Curious as to what would be a fair price to pay? :hmm Thanks, Pat
  12. BluePat

    Does anyone make stainless steel saddles?..

    I'd like to try them in conjunction with the bridge posts that I've replaced with SS ones. Aside from plated brass, all I've seen are those KTS titanium ones at an absurd price of $50+ Keep on pluckin' Pat
  13. BluePat

    How many Geckobursts produced?

    I am curious as I just picked one of these up as I thought the neck has one of the best feeling '59 profiles I've ever played, better in feel than Historics I've played, just right, but that lime green burst is simply not in good taste, to put it mildly. I understand that Gibson dropped this...
  14. BluePat

    Looking for high quality nut files...

    I'm on the hunt for a set of pro-caliber nut files, and almost pulled the trigger on the Stew-Mac package, but thought I might see what others suggest or recommend? I see Warmoth sells a set as well, any feedback on theirs is welcome. Keep on pluckin' Pat
  15. BluePat

    Price check...

    What would a pristine condition 2004 R6 be worth these days? There's one for sale locally and I am thinking of adding a P90 equipped guitar to the fleet.