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    Epiphone Ltd. Ed. Lee Malia RD Custom Artisan

    Shine On You Crazy Keef
  2. Blue97FXSTC

    British sound, or American sound?

    I grew up on 6L6 amps, and still use one as my primary rig. That said, every time I plug into my 1982 EL34 2203 pushing a 412 it inspires me in a completely different way. I choose…. Both.
  3. Blue97FXSTC

    1978 Vibro Champ - Need Knobs

    Teflon tape - what a great idea. Thanks, Paul.
  4. Blue97FXSTC

    1978 Vibro Champ - Need Knobs

    I'm mistaken (as usual) about that 7/8". Not sure where I read that. The Fender website says these knobs are direct replacement, compatible with 1/4" shaft pots. That's just not what I'm finding. The new knobs are loose. The original knobs on this amp do not have set screws, and they measure...
  5. Blue97FXSTC

    1978 Vibro Champ - Need Knobs

    My 1978 Vibro Champ is missing the Intensity knob. I ordered a set of Fender replacement knobs P/N 0990930000, but these are for 7/8" shaft pots. This amp has 1/4" knurled plastic shaft pots, so the knob just slides on with no set screw. I've searched the web and come up blank. Does anyone know...
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    Amazing headstock repair!

    Gator 4-Guitar Rack or 6-Guitar Rack Keeps guitars handy without fear of falling.
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    Solid state amps. The electric car of the amplifier world.
  8. Blue97FXSTC

    Alexander Dumble passed away

    No disrespect to Mr. Dumble, but that's hilarious Pat. Well played.
  9. Blue97FXSTC

    RIP Charlie Watts

    A drummer friend in the '80s pointed out to me that Charlie never hit the snare and hi-hat at the same time. Cool.
  10. Blue97FXSTC

    Midtown Custom 2012 - Hidden GEM ?

    I can recall American Music Supply selling those on closeout for $999 with case. They looked nice, but the Richlite fretboard kept me away at the time. Seeing used prices today, I should have jumped.
  11. Blue97FXSTC

    Line 6 POD X3 Pro and POD Farm VST

    I've been using a Line 6 POD XT Pro for recording guitars for several years now. This is the red 2RU model. I saw a POD X3 Pro on Craigslist recently. The price was attractive and it was in mint condition, so I bought it. It's a nice upgrade in several respects. It's still a great piece of...
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    Hurricane Harvey

    Disregard - http://www.lespaulforum.com/forum/showthread.php?205842-CDaughtry-and-The-path-of-Harvey
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    Vintage Guitar Article: Cort Matt Murphy Signature Guitar

    Hi all. Several issues ago, Vin Guitar did a review of the Cort Matt "Guitar" Murphy MGM-1 signature guitar. I'm a subscriber to the print version, but I don't keep back issues. I've tried searching the VinGuitar website, but only come up with a user post of his two guitars. Can anyone help me...
  14. Blue97FXSTC

    Recommend Amp Repair in NE Ohio?

    I've got a friend in Medina Ohio who has a Marshall 2x12 combo amp. I don't have pictures, but from his description, it's likely an early 70s. It blows fuses and may have a bad transformer. He's had it worked on locally, with unsatisfactory results. Can anyone recommend a qualified tube amp...