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    FS (EU) Vintage NOS Gibson ABR-1 nickel no-wire

    Original 50’s Gibson ABR-1 “no wire” Tune-O-Matic nickel These are getting hard to find and quite rare. I used this one for a very short time as a replacement for a sacked bridge on a ‘57 Les Paul, but this is still like new. Straight as an arrow. The brass saddles are gone, but it does...
  2. Base6

    NVGD ‘57 Goldtop with P90s

    Here is another delayed NVGD for you all. Just felt I needed to share this beauty. Bought from Sweden and really liking it. It was all original when I got it, but the frets were worn. It put some fresh frets on it, and it came out great!! I intend to play it.
  3. Base6

    2019 vs 2018 Goldtops

    Has anybody already been able to compare the new gold tints on 2019 historics with previous years or even a vintage piece? Did they actually match or come closer to the original tint from the 50s? Pictures would be great. Now let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope Gibson will put the headstock...
  4. Base6

    WTB EU 1956 Goldtop LP Standard

    I am in the market to buy a 56 Les Paul Standard if the price is right. I prefer an all original example, but I would still be interested if it has minor issues if the price reflects it. It doesn’t need to be mint at all, but it does need to have original hardware, especially pots and P90s. I...
  5. Base6

    Longshot Calling Owner of 9 5198

    Long shot here. I hope you’ll allow me. But if the owner of a 2015 TH Lemon burst R9 with serial 9 5198 is here, would you contact me? Thanks, Michiel
  6. Base6

    Show you Historic Makeovers!

    I have had a Historic Makeover R7 Goldtop done in 2015 (7 9196). I regretfully needed to sell it and would love to get it back, but lost sight of it. I am about to embark on a new one. It used to rain HM threads here, so let's get the fire going again and show yours for a little inspiration...
  7. Base6

    Plaese help me identify the age of this LP Deluxe

    Dear LP experts, I am hoping you can help me out.... I have been trying to find out in what year this Deluxe was produced. I know that the 70s are sometimes somewhat of a struggle to really pin-point the day of birth, but I hope you can help me giving a definate answer. There are just some...
  8. Base6


    Happy New Guitar Month(s)!! Just wanted to share this with you. The last few months I have been changing out some gear and came back to what I love the most...Les Pauls. So here is a re-re-introduction of 9 9009. A gold book 50th Anniversary that I bought from Mark through a super smooth...
  9. Base6

    Bright White M69 rings?

    Hi there! Does anybody know if there are any bright white M69 pickup rings available? I am not looking for off white or cream parts but really bright white ones. I like the bridge pickup to sit deep into the ring, but it doesn't with the standard gibson white rings. I got a set of Allparts...
  10. Base6

    How do thick sparkle finishes infect tone?

    Hi! I am thinking about pulling the trigger on a gorgeous sparkle finish Custom Shop LP Custom or Standard. IMO they look great on stage. But, I understand that many coats of laquer are needed to achieve a smooth finish with the heavy/large sparkle flakes. That made me wonder if it has any...
  11. Base6

    Help me hunt for a blue burst sparkle Custom

    Hi everybody, I am looking for a Les Paul Custom in silver blue burst but they seem very hard to find. I'm a regular Ebay/G-base watcher and checked the websites of the forum dealers, but did not find one for offer. Though, I did just missed out on one with a white back. Right now, there is...
  12. Base6

    LP Custom 1968 Custom Manhattan Midnight

    Hi all, I once owned a 2004 Gibson USA LP Standard in the limited edition color Manhattan Midnight with an ebony fingerboard. You propably now them. I sold it as I discoverd the far better better tonal qualities and playabillity of the Custom Shop models and own several of those now. However...
  13. Base6

    Ebay 50th anni R9

    Hi all, Maybe this should be in the baywatch area, but I was curious there was this gorgeous 50th R9 for sale on Ebay (#181). Was it one of us, a forum member, who purchased it? Michiel
  14. Base6

    Where did all the '09 Faded Tobacco's go?

    Hi all, I am looking for a nice '09 Faded Tobacco (darkburst) to buy, but no one seems to have any in stock. I checked ebay (3 listed, but ISellALotOfIt seller seemed to be a real jerk after being insulted by him and offered very bad service, I mean very bad service!), the forum dealers and...
  15. Base6

    2009 R9 Faded Tobacco hunt

    Hi guys, I need your help, if you will. I am on the hunt for a friend for my '09 50th anniversary R9 as it feels all alone. I have a Heritage Cherry burst that I will soon introduce, but am now seriously in the market for a new '09 Darkburst/Faded Tobacco R9. I am looking for one with a strong...