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    Burst Gang

    I have an unblemished, boxed original first edition of Burst Gang, signed by Morry on 10-99, for sale. This is a unique book, the first to concentrate and highlight the beautiful characteristics of Les Pauls with stunning photos, it was the precursor of many imitations and will never be...
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    Burst Gang

    I have an original, signed copy of Burst Gang which I'm looking to sell. Any interest from Forum members?
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    2013 weight relieved LP Standard

    Anyone here have views as to the pros and cons of the weight relieved standards from 2013? The model I'm looking at also has coil tap, push/pull controls. Thinking of buying it but would be interested in views before I leap! Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers
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    54 GT

    Hope these close ups of my lovely GT come through!!:wah :photos http://s1294.photobucket.com/user/alanb37/library/STUDIO1-PC/Pictures/54%20GT%20Close%20ups
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    I wish to upload pictures of my two vintage Les Pauls a GT and an SG but it says, "you may not post attachments". Anyone any idea why? Is there a way to do this? Do I have to pay subscription money to do it? Any advice much appreciated.
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    Burst Gang

    Does anyone have any information about a book called the Burst Gang by a Japanese writer named Motoyoshi (Morry) Takashima? I've been offered a signed copy for £600 which seems steep to me as the book is in Japanese!! Is this good value or not? Any help would be appreciated. Alan
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    Les Paul Customs circa 1959 ish

    Did these all have solid mahogany bodies cos I noticed on one recently that the routing was not neat (as it was when they cut the channels and glued the maple cap on top) and looked as if it had been drilled. Also the serial number whilst stamped/impressed to the headstock also appeared to have...