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  1. 66SuperTremMKIV

    Gary Moore's Red (Pink ?) Strat

    Great little video featuring Gary Moore's Red Strat vs the C/S Replica. https://youtu.be/98OdrO23DYc
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    From an old thread from 2005 <!-- </div> --> <!-- see bottom of postbit.css for .userinfo .popupmenu styles --> 09-16-05, 01:05 AM #3 johnnyjellybean...
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    White Noise issue - Hiwatt T20 Combo

    Picked up a used ( As New Condition) Hiwatt Tube Series T20 Combo. Plugging in and then turning on the power in standby mode - Silent. Flick off the Standby and with no guitar plugged in , there is a very audible amount of white nose through the speaker. Turn the switch to Half Power mode...
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    Original '68 JMP-50 Plexi

    For Sale - Out of my collection. Original Super Clean unmolested '68 JMP-50 Plexi UK version with Bulgin plug. Killer Vintage Classic Rock n Blues Tones. All Vintage NOS Tubes - Perfectly matched '60s Brimar EL-34s Ebay Member 12 yrs 266 Deals 100% Feedback rod9021 Feel free to check...
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    Squier Classic Vibe '50s Tele

    These seem very well made instruments albeit with Pine body. Certainly appear great bang for buck axes. Anyone have one ?........ how would you rate them ? Stock pups ok or need upgrading ?
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    Paul Simon

    How much would Paul command per performance these days ?
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    Mezzabarba Custom Amplification - MZero

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    Mezzabarba Custom Amplificatio -

  9. 66SuperTremMKIV

    Tom Keifer

    Some Classic Cinderella / Tom Keifer / Lester Action https://youtu.be/i-gUHCI6nEk?t=2
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    Marshall BB #2

    In respect to the debate over authenticity of certain Vintage Marshall amps. My opinion is with such rare and expensive amps, we have the right to be informed when amps surface that appear to have issues. These are amps that finding any form of genuine information is difficult nigh on...
  11. 66SuperTremMKIV

    Perry Ormsby - Killer Guitar