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Recent content by 59shredandburn

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    WTB 18’ Brazilian

    What you got ?
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    WTB Murphy Aged True Historic 59’

    Let me know what you got…
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    2018 Brazilian Back Color

    I've seen a few nos '18 Brazilians for sale recently and noticed the backs were not red... more like the back of an R7. Any reason why that is ?
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    Any takers at 5,300 ? This s a beautiful Murphy Aged T.H. that sounds incredible !! Stunning example of a Murphy Aged T.H. Tastefully aged, tone for days, and perfectly balanced pups !! This is one special guitar with a really nice flame top. I'd say these are fairly rare and make a great...
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    Gary Moore PBS Rock School

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eiml1OPoVDs&authuser=0 I remember seeing this as a kid on Channel 13
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    6500.00 '18 Brazilian

    6500 for an awesome 2018 '59 Brazilian original owner all case candy and coa shipped in original carton :salude 631-338-3345
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    Will there be a Brazilian run in 2019 ?

    Any ideas if another Brazilian run is in the works for 2019 ? I heard from one dealer probably not.....
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    2018 59' Les Paul with Brazilian board as new !

    Price drop 7200.00 plus shipping Selling one of my 2018 59' Brazilians 7200.00 plus shipping within USA only ! All case candy MINT ! Message me for pics if serious. No tire kickers thanks! Not on Reverb or Ebay..
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    2018 Brazilian ...WOW

    Meet 9 8386 more pics to come
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    2018 Brazilian ...WOW

    Just got a new Brazilian from HOG ….in a word INCREDIBLE ! The tone is wicked and nasty in the best way possible. More bone chilling than my TH guitars. Fretboard feels harder and through a Marshall with no effects there is nothing better. Can't upload pics for some reason....saying file...
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    A STEAL 2016 as new 59' True Historic. Immaculate !

    Gorgeous 59' True Historic brand new condition in vintage cherry burst. All case candy and warranty card. Not a ding or mark of any kind. 6200.00 !! I've sold several to some forum members here and I hope this one goes to one of ours as well. Serious only please shoot me a message for...
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    2016 TRUE HISTORIC 1959 LIKE NEW !

    PRICE DROP 6200.00 a STEAL ! As new played less than an hour. No dings, scratches, or nicks. All case candy and warranty card. Gorgeous and sounds as good as she plays! 6200.00 Message me for more info and pics
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    SOLD ..... Thanks Yanzhaou enjoy her !!!!! Like new gorgeous and one of the best sounding and playing L.P. I've played. 6300 ! P.M. for any other information if your serious or have an offer. Have a great day ! P.S. I will ONLY ship within the USA !
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    Must depart 2015 1959 True Historic like new !

    SOLD ! With a heavy heart I must depart with one of my True Historics that is like brand new in order to purchase something else. I have a 2015 and a 2016 and there's no way my wife is letting me keep both if I'm getting another axe so the 2015 has to go. This vintage cherry sunburst has about...