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    35th Anniversary Les Paul Custom 3-pickup Black Beauty <m>

    I've come into a Les Paul Custom 3-pickup Black Beauty with gold hardware . The pearl on the headstock is engraved 35 anniversary ( maybe inked... hard to tell ).

    It appears to be in good shape, finish is for the most part beautiful, though it has a small finish crack running from the switch toward the tail for about 1.25" or so. Too narrow to put a .009 string into. It appears to have a maple top, although I thought these should be mahogany on mahogany. I think everything is original.

    I'm having trouble finding out much about this particular model. I've googled around some, but not much info. I'm curious about where and how many were made, and roughly what it may be worth.

    Serial number is gold ink 9 0230. Can someone here tell me about this model, or point me in the right direction to look?


    Bob Simpson

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    Re: 35th Anniversary Les Paul Custom 3-pickup Black Beauty <m>

    Not much info available on these. Read here:
    Mike Slubowski

    * "Gibson guitars are like potato chips - you can't have just one!"

    * "So many Gibsons to love, so little time..."

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    Re: 35th Anniversary Les Paul Custom 3-pickup Black Beauty <m>

    Thanks for the link.
    Not much info is right.
    I think that one had the least info on the page...

    Was this an undesirable model?
    Bad period in the life of Gibson, or Les, or both?
    Was it custom shop, or pre custom shop, or what?

    Collectable because of the anniversary, or should I dump it?
    I mean, it plays well. I'm not really at ease with the third pickup yet...

    Bob Simpson

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