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    Les Paul Forum Member dtw576's Avatar
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    Feb 2003
    Houston, TX

    Bruce is the MAN!!!!!

    I really wanted a Faded Tobacco 59 they had but didn't want to load up a credit card right now. Also knew that Gibson was just about to make it hard as hell to really "shop" for what I wanted. Bruce was nice enough to work with a layaway until money that I know is coming, comes. Sent him the obligatory 1/3 down over a few days period (two pay periods for me) which he was gratious enough to handle. That is CUSTOMER SERVICE to my way of thinking. He made me a believer in their store and I plan to visit it, through email instead of the internet (thanks a bunch Gibson), for my next GAS attack.

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    Les Paul Forum Member keto's Avatar
    Join Date
    Aug 2004

    Re: Bruce is the MAN!!!!!

    For those of us who are a little newer....could all of you please say which store rather than or in addition to saying the owner's names? I know lots of you know who is meant by 'Bruce' but I sure don't

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