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    Les Paul Forum Member corpse's Avatar
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    Jun 2007
    Dennis, MA

    Re: Show us a list of your amp collection:

    And my story might be from his AL studio days.

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    Les Paul Forum Member
    Join Date
    Jan 2019

    Re: Show us a list of your amp collection:

    hovering around 200. mostly old fenders but a good mix. someday soon i,l be the 'old dude' that a young guy scored off of. how the tables turn.

    'i know just enough to be a danger to myself'

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    Les Paul Forum Member
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    Apr 2019
    Conyers, Georgia USA

    Re: Show us a list of your amp collection:

    Marshall 1987x with 1960A and B cabinets.
    Marshall JCM800 1959 Super Lead (1984 mfg) with a 1960A cab.
    Marshall JCM900 with a 1960B cabinet.
    Marshall AS50D
    Marshall DSL15C
    Orange Rockerverb 50 Mk1 with two PPC412 cabinets.
    Orange Rocker30 combo with a PPC212 auxiliary cabinet.
    1963 Silvertone Model 1484 (with original Jensen speakers and all but 1 original tubes)

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    Les Paul Forum Member renderit's Avatar
    Join Date
    Jan 2009

    Re: Show us a list of your amp collection:

    Like Marshalls much?

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    Les Paul Forum Member CatManDoo88's Avatar
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    Mar 2019
    Ontario, Canada

    Re: Show us a list of your amp collection:

    Small but high quality for basement playing:
    Fender 57 Tweed Champ Reissue
    Marshall JTM1c

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    Les Paul Forum Member
    Join Date
    Sep 2019
    Chicago, IL

    Re: Show us a list of your amp collection:

    Yamaha THR10
    Monoprice Stage Right 5 watt tube amp
    Fender Super Champ XD with a Celestion blue speaker in a tweed deluxe cabinet

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    Les Paul Forum Member K_L's Avatar
    Join Date
    Sep 2014

    Re: Show us a list of your amp collection:

    A 50w JCM 800 '2204' 1x12 combo & 2 really nice Ceriatone amps--their 20w Yeti & 20w Chupacabra [both described by Ceriatone as 'hot-rodded plexi`s]

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    Les Paul Forum Member
    Join Date
    Apr 2015
    Shakedown Street

    Re: Show us a list of your amp collection:

    As of yesterday I have increased my sonic firepower with adding a second Marshall 2555X amp and 2551AV cab to pair with my 2015 Marshall 2555X amp and 2551 AV cab . I already have the Radial ABY pedal to run both amps into , which will run them in the correct phase and also give me the option of footswitching from one amp to the other in case I want to use one for my clean sound and one for my lead channel sound ( I wont though as I want twice the sonic force ) Of course yesterday after the UPS delivery and I unboxed everything I was missing the power cord (just like the first time in 2015 ) in addition I was also missing the footswitch and owners manual and warranty card as well . I love Marshall , and I only know too well there quirks ( good word ) . I had the amp and cab factory seals broken to inspect for dings and dents and tears and broken glass and re packed for extra protection , which Sweetwater packed them so well not a hair was out of place . My compliments to Sweetwater .

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    Les Paul Forum Member marshall1987's Avatar
    Join Date
    Jan 2005
    Feuding With "Devil Anse" Hatfield on the Tug Fork

    Re: Show us a list of your amp collection:

    1968 Park 75 and 1972 Marshall cab.

    "Scan not a friend under a microscopic glass; you know his faults so let his foibles pass".

    Sir Frank Crisp
    Friar Park
    London, England

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    Les Paul Forum Member
    Join Date
    Jan 2019

    Re: Show us a list of your amp collection:

    dude.. that is stellar. that park!
    Quote Originally Posted by marshall1987 View Post
    1968 Park 75 and 1972 Marshall cab.

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    Les Paul Forum Member dwagar's Avatar
    Join Date
    Apr 2005

    Re: Show us a list of your amp collection:

    Marshall DSL40CR
    Mesa TA-30 1x12
    '65 Fender Bandmaster
    Traynor YGL-2
    Marshall DSL-15C (home practice amp)
    50's Gibsonette

    Marshall JTM212 cab
    Fender Dual Showman Tall 2x15 Cab ('68, 2 JBL D130s)
    2x12 cab with EVs

    and a '62 Leslie 45 (converted to 145), but it stays hooked up to a Hammond ('60 A100)
    - Don

    Originally Posted by reswot
    A 50's Special is, IMO, the coolest guitar ever made.

  12. #572

    Re: Show us a list of your amp collection:

    Fender Super Reverb Amp (US 1966) 4x10 all-tube 40W combo amp, blackface, modded into 2 2x10 cabs

    Sovtek MiG50H "Tube Midget" (Russia c. 2000) 50W all-tube amplifier head (played with 1x15 Kustom cab or either of the 4x12 or 2x12 cabs below)

    Sunn 200S (US 1960's) 60W all-tube amplifier head, built as a bass amp but doubles as a guitar amp (played with any of the cabs below)

    Risson 4x12 slant front cab with Celestion-made Risson speakers (US, 1980's)

    DIY 2x12 cab Speaker cabinet made from a gutted Crate combo amp, containing two British-made V12 Celestion 60W speakers

    Cigarbox Half-Watt amp Half-Watt solid state guitar practice amp that can run from a 9-volt battery or regular household current

    Kustom 100 (US 1960's) matching 100 W solid state head and ported cab (1x15) in tuck-and-roll aqua (Kustom's color name: "cascade") metal flake

    Ampeg SVT bass cab (US 1970's?) 8x10

    Crate BX-200 bass head (US 1995) 200W solid state

    Woodson 250 (US 1970's?) matching bass head and 1x15 cab, 250W

    Laney TF100 50w 1x10 combo amp, solid state

    Vox AD30VT-XL 30W 1x10 combo, hybrid modeling amp, with more high-gain amps than on regular AD30 Valvetronic model

    Fender Super Champ XD (CHI 2008?)15W tube combo amp with 10" speaker with 16 pre-amp voices and 16 onboard effects settings, 2 channels, switchable with footswitch

    Kustom Tube 12A Hybrid 12W combo with 8" Celestion speaker

    Marshall 5002 (UK '80's) 20W solid state 80's 1x10 combo with Celestion speaker

    Marshall 5210 (UK '80's) 50W solid state 80's 1x12 combo with Celestion speaker

    Marshall 5275 (UK '80's) 75W solid state 80's 1x12 combo with Celestion speaker

    Marshall 5213 (UK '80's) 100W solid state 80's 2x12 combo with Celestion speakers

    Peavey XXX Super 40 EXP (USA) 40W tube 1x12 combo with digital effects

    Ampeg Reverberocket (USA) 50W tube 2x12 combo with 2 channels and reverb

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    Les Paul Forum Member Norton's Avatar
    Join Date
    Jun 2019
    Sugar Hill, GA

    Re: Show us a list of your amp collection:

    '66 Gibson Atlas 50W combo'58 Gibson GA-5
    '79 Park Bass 50 Combo
    '73 SVT with original 810
    '81 Marshall 2001 375W Bass head
    '90's Marshall VBA 400 Bass head
    '73 Fender Bassman 100
    '71 Ampeg V3
    Marshall Bluesbreaker reissue w/ Heritage Greenbacks

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    Les Paul Forum Member
    Join Date
    Jan 2019

    Re: Wish I had time to play them!!!

    you needed 50 tatoos a nose ring, a wife beater t shirt and gym shorts. then you would have been deemed 'normal'
    Quote Originally Posted by gold57 View Post
    1959 Deluxe Visseaux 6V6s
    1962 AC 30 w/TB Head Mullard EL84s
    1963-3 Vox closed back 2X12 w/original coned Blues
    1966 Super Reverb
    1966 JTM 45 Block Logo GEC KT66s
    Boogie Mark IIC
    SLO 100
    Soldano closed-back 2X12 V30s
    Alessandro Bloodhound Mullard EL34s type 2s
    Dr. Z Prescription Mullard EL84s
    Komet 60 #8 Mullard EL34s type 2s

    Use the Tweed deluxe in the living/music room the most.

    Take the others out once a quarter to jam.

    It's a sin. But 3 kids in private school. Job takes 75%, 15% family and 5% music.

    Tuesday pm. Already flown from Tampa-Chicago-Madison-Chicago-New Orleans-Baton Rouge (car)-New Orleans-Tampa; started on Monday at 6:00 am.

    Guess I'm venting about the travel...frisked 4 times because of one-way tickets....a 47 year old very white guy in a dark suit & tie with a briefcase and a Wall Street Journal...he MUST be a terrorist!!!

    Let's make him take his thin soled, black calf skin shoes off...there MUST be a paper thin bomb in those suckers...What is the federal government thinking!!!!

    What about a REAL intelligence effort with some records of folks travelling...instead of general and meaningless screening at airports to take nail clippers out of old ladies bags and metal detecting and frisking children and elderly????

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