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    Les Paul Forum Member TBR623's Avatar
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    Dec 2001
    Peoples Republic of New Jerseystan

    Dave's:Buy with confidence

    After having suffered extensively with Guitar Aquisition Syndrome for several months I decided to purchase a new 2003 R7 Goldtop. I spoke with Dave on Monday morning and advised him to select one for me and send it UPS overnight. On tuesday morning the brown truck dropped it off to me. For those that hesitate to buy an expensive guitar sight-unseen-don't. My R7 is flawless-absolutely perfect. His prices are competitive,his service is customer oriented and most of all you can buy with confidence.
    07' R8 Washed Cherry- WCR "Fillmore's"
    07' R8 Iced Tea- Throback PG-102LTD's (no magnet flip)
    07' James Trussart Steeldeville
    Martin HD-28

    Reeves Custom Lead - Carr Hammerhead
    Carr Mercury- Metro JTM45 - Metro 1987
    Hoarding N.O.S. tubes since 1990.

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    Les Paul Forum Member
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    Mar 2002
    Gruene Hall

    I like Dave too...

    I've bought from Dave many times. Always have; always will. He's that good. I even remember him sending me to his competitor for a specific guitar that he knew was there... Dave, Laun, and the others are the best!


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    Les Paul Forum Member sickboy79's Avatar
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    Apr 2002
    I've bought a few things from Dave over the years....a LP included. Excellent service!! Would not hesistate to do business with them again!
    P90 LPs, LPs, Gretschs, Teles, James Trussart, Matchless and vintage Fender Bassman junkie!!

    "Derelict rebel without a cause"

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