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    questions for Big Al

    Hello Big Al.
    I'll be grateful if you can help me to identify these pickups in my '84 335 dot.The photos are the original pickups,and replaced pickups.Originals might be "Shaws",but neck p/u has nr 379 984,and bridge p/u not number. Also, as you can see, neck and bridge p/u, are not identical,for me. Can you help me please??

    The replaced p/u's, are supposely '57 classic humbuckings reissue,according to the luthier that replaced them.I think that my luthier swindle me.
    Thank you very much for your help


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    Les Paul Forum Member Big Al's Avatar
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    Apr 2002
    Lake Ontario shore
    Sorry, I didn't see this as I was in Nashville with Kareoke Karl.

    One of the originals looks to be a Shaw.
    The other may be, or may be a T Top. Since the covers have been off before, I would look. If it has the PAF type coil tops and no T I'd say Shaw, with a T you know what it be.

    That other pair are not Classic 57's, and I think that you were indeed hoodwinked.
    The older I get, the better I was.

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    look at the new photos

    Big Al,
    thank you for your answer.Please look at the new photos of original pickups and tell me if they are shaw or t -top.
    What is the difference between shaw and t-top,tonally speaking?
    What is the mean of serial 379984 ,stamped on the bottom of neck p/u,and why bridge p/u not stamped?
    Thanks again
    Best wishes
    Josepc (Spain)

    original pickups new photos:

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    Goldie's Man in London
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    Jul 2001
    or Momentum, you can't know both.
    Wow, I saw your name and for a split second there I thought it said "Josepi"
    "All Marshall amplifiers are subject to continuous development and improvement. Consequently the units may incorporate minor changes in detail from the information contained above"

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    Les Paul Forum Member Big Al's Avatar
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    Apr 2002
    Lake Ontario shore

    The originals look very much like Shaw "Patent Applied For's".

    They have the right coil forms, the white plastic spacers and long rough cast magnet.

    They have a bump in the lower mids and growl more than T Tops. They have a very clear top end.

    The 37 part of the stamped # is a neck pickup code. It should be 137. The one might have rubbed off.
    I see 984 which would be a date. September 1984.
    The older I get, the better I was.

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    Les Paul Forum Member Sunburst79's Avatar
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    Oct 2002
    Under a bridge-Strummin
    A Shaw Question For Big Al,

    Did all the Shaws have two plastic spacers or Did the later models use the Maple Spacer/pickup lead wire method? Like the 57 classics and latter dayGibson pickups.

    I'm trying to Sort it out what it is, It might Be a Shaw But I'm not sure.
    Last edited by Sunburst79; 07-21-03 at 10:16 PM.

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