100 watts designed to get SRV's El Mocambo tone. Awesome sounding amp. Just got it back from the amp tech with a clean bill of health and brand new set of JJ 6L6's and 12ax7 preamp tubes. This amp is super clean and bold. The tolex has seen better days but overall still and great shape and ready to rock.
I was told by the guys at Hamiltone that this is the same amp as the Hamiltone Six String Slinger (see the youtube vid below) assembled with the same parts overseas to keep the cost down. The Hamiltone SSS was selling for about $5k brand new.
Playing starts at 3:22

Here's another demo of the same model amp im selling:

$2500 paypal'd and shipped to the lower 48 states. Thank you.
contact me at newtech27 at yahoooo

Or the following pedals plus cash:
*Klon KTR
*Cali76 Stacked compressor
*Analogman Envelope Filter
*Electro Harmonix Nano Pog
*Boss Waza Craft Tuner