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    Rare 1969 Gibson humbucker ring

    Hi to everybody.

    I have recently bought a pair of pickup rings from a 1969 Gibson. One of them is an M-69 MR491 and the other has no M-69 or M-8 mold mark, just a "W" (or "M"). It does not have the HPI mold mark.

    The seller claims it is original and has seen pickup mounting rings with the "W" on Gibson guitars from that era before. Do anybody know if this pickup ring is an original Gibson part? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Rare 1969 Gibson humbucker ring

    Nobody knows about that ring? Thanks

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    Re: Rare 1969 Gibson humbucker ring

    Quote Originally Posted by sancheski View Post
    Nobody knows about that ring? Thanks
    Hi there!

    I'm also interested. This seller makes the same claim about those M/W mold mark rings.

    I replaced a couple of them in the past on 60s Gibsons, under the assumption they were repros. Still got 2 of them in my parts drawer. They don't look anything like real M69 butyrate rings, but with Gibson you never know.

    I hope one of the resident Gibson gurus can solve this mystery.

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