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    what kind of pots are these? 1966 SG

    Greetings - I got this assembly off Reverb the other day. 2 pots are Gibson SG pots, 1966. Same with the 3-way switch and the output jack.

    photos >

    However, the other 2 pots are very strange. What do you make of them?

    When I bought these, everything was soldered/wired together, so clearly the whole thing was used as an assembly. I just recently de-soldered the 2 strange pots from the rest.

    Any thoughts?

    thanks - Richard

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    All Access/Backstage Pass Wilko's Avatar
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    Mar 2002
    San Diego, CA

    Re: what kind of pots are these? 1966 SG

    wow, those are wild. Push/pull with a discrete toggle switch!

    What are the pot codes n the odd ones?

    That switch might have been added by a serious tinkerer

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    Re: what kind of pots are these? 1966 SG

    Quote Originally Posted by Wilko View Post

    What are the pot codes n the odd ones?
    They are 011540

    Does that mean anything to you?

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    Les Paul Forum Member
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    Jun 2007

    Re: what kind of pots are these? 1966 SG

    Seriously weird! I've never seen anything like that before, it certainly looks like something that has been home made rather than manufactured but it would take some serious tinkering skills to implement that!

    As for the pot code the usual format is that the first three numbers are the makers EIA code, (137 would be CTS, 304 Stackpole etc) but I can't find any reference to 011 so don't know who the manufacturer was. The next three or four digits are the date in the format; last one or two digit(s) of the year followed by the week number so 540 would probably indicate week 40 of 1965 (could also be 1955 or 1975 but going by the date of the others I imagine 1965 would be the most likely)

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