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Thread: Gibson Pricing

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    Les Paul Forum Member
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    May 2019

    Gibson Pricing

    Just wondering if anyone from Gibson Custom marketing could post a breakdown of the costs in manufacturing a guitar or provide a link to an annual report. I’d like to learn more about the KPIs and the planned direction given the global recession upon us post COVID19. The production of guitars that retail at over £5k seems daft now, I fear consumer credit and low interest finance has reached a pinnacle and I’m concerned the retrace coming in this new time of hardship and unemployment for many will send Gibson back into administration ? I love this brand and hope that it can adapt with the change in the market. Unfortunately now I see it only going one way towards becoming more and more unattainable £££ for anyone aspiring to have Gibson on the headstock. The economy , despite the companies financial troubles, has had it good with the rise since the financial troubles of 2008, which has over the course of a decade allowed retail prices to climb up to ridiculous prices, I don't see how charging the same price as a car or a new bathroom suite for a new 59’ custom is sustainable. I’d love to hear others views. All the best and stay safe.
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    Les Paul Forum Member goldtop0's Avatar
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    Aug 2003
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    Re: Gibson Pricing

    I agree with you.
    The brand as such will become a thing of the past in future(for players outside of the US) as prices of the CustomShop range creep up at retail, and from what I've experienced recently in buying 2nd hand internationally those prices too are on the move compared to say 2 years ago.
    Here in NZ we double the US or UK retail pricing to reach the prices asked on the same new LP, 335 or other Gibson guitar. As a result there is not a great selection of instruments to choose from........ but then again there never has been as the product has always been expensive here, like Marshall and Fender or any other imported music product.

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