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    Question about Firebirds....

    Was reading a thread on the other site about 60's Firebirds. Did they come with 3 or 2 strap buttons from the factory?

    They all came with a strap button at the butt end of the guitar obviously, but then you see them on the upper horn and also on the back of the guitar. Did owners add the third button or did Gibson put 3 on at the factory? My curiousity was piqued, can any Firebird experts shed some light?

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    Re: Question about Firebirds....


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    Les Paul Forum Member
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    Nov 2015
    San Diego

    Re: Question about Firebirds....

    Just to expand on what Gary has already stated, both reverse and non-reverse came with three strap buttons from the factory. ES-120Ts and 330s among others only came the with one at the end block.

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