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    LP R9 tortoise side dot

    Dear LPF members

    I have a question about the side dot of the LP R9 fretboard.

    This feature is available since the first reissue were produced or itís possible to find at a certain time some R9 with black dot?

    thank you for your help.

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    Re: LP R9 tortoise side dot

    according to the sticky thread in this very forum, 2001 introduced the tortoise side markers

    I know my 1998 R8 has black side markers

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    Les Paul Forum Member corpse's Avatar
    Join Date
    Jun 2007
    Dennis, MA

    Re: LP R9 tortoise side dot

    And sometimes the tortoise is very dark- practically black

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    Les Paul Forum Member SeanT's Avatar
    Join Date
    Jul 2001

    Re: LP R9 tortoise side dot

    My 99 has black dots
    2003 I used to own had tortoise color dots
    LP Forum member since 1999 but was lost for a long time.

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    Re: LP R9 tortoise side dot

    Thank you for your feedbacks guys.
    It was about a R9 from 2000 since there is no COA this year I had a doubt when I saw black dots while itís told that it should be tortoise on historic LP

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