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    Bent posts on 1974 lpc tune o matic bridge

    Hi, Im having an issue where the tune o matic threading in this lp is bent to the point of breaking. Thing is, the threading goes into the body, and I have no idea how these posts are put in/replaced(dont want to yank anything out without knowing). Its a 1974 gibson les paul custom, and its seen a lot of play. Where would i even begin to replace it, let alone find a replacement in-body post? Ive only used/seen the ones with large installed bushing and thumb wheel and threaded post are the same piece. Thanks for any help. Edit: the posts are .126” wide, .752” out of the body
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    Re: Bent posts on 1974 lpc tune o matic bridge

    They are just simple threaded rods measuring 1 and 1/16" of an inch long by 1/8" thick with a 6/32 sae thread size.
    SAE is an American thread and not metric. These are available almost everywhere online or at a music shop. There's no
    harm in unscrewing them from the body whatsoever.

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    Re: Bent posts on 1974 lpc tune o matic bridge

    if you can’t unscrew them by hand put two nuts on one post and use the bottom one to back it out using a wrench ..then there’s a good chance that you can bend it back straight ..I’d try a using a vice with one post placed inside two blocks of wood then slowly crank it tight..if it works then do the other

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    Re: Bent posts on 1974 lpc tune o matic bridge

    I have seen some from 74 with bent posts. Some cut short too.
    If you replace it , its good that the new posts rest alll the way down in the guitar.
    And up a proper height inside the ABR,
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