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    Tailpiece question

    Hiya. The stop tailpiece on my LP STD has a small gap, about 1mm when it sits in the post slots.

    This causes it to shift slightly on an angle front-to-back, especially when top wrapped.

    Do other people have fitment issues? Is there a replacement that doesn’t cost over $100?


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    Les Paul Forum Member Hamerfan's Avatar
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    Dec 2004
    From the best part of Germany - Bavaria

    Re: Tailpiece question

    No worries, its just a visual thing.
    Those which switch out their stop to Faber, Tonepro or ABM, have a tone goal. So changing it out might change your tone too.

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    Les Paul Forum Member TM1's Avatar
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    Jun 2003
    on the middle & bridge pickup of my L.P. Custom

    Re: Tailpiece question

    It's a decades old issue..

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    Les Paul Forum Member jrgtr42's Avatar
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    Mar 2005

    Re: Tailpiece question

    I have that issue on one of my other guitars. I've been meaning (for the past 20+ years...) to get a couple big washers and grind out the front for it to sit under the bridge and level it off. presuming it works out right, I'd trim it down to be all but invisible to the casual glance.
    "Do you call sleeping with a guitar in your hands practicing?"
    "It is if you don't drop it."
    - Trent Lane, Daria, Episode 1-2.

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    Les Paul Forum Member
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    Jul 2001

    Re: Tailpiece question

    The question is : which tailpiece to buy for a tighter fit with the Gibson posts

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    Re: Tailpiece question

    Sounds to me like you got metric studs & a SAE tailpiece or vice versa.

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    Re: Tailpiece question

    You could get Faber locking studs, or some other brand. A lot of people like them, but I don't like what they do to the sound and feel of the guitar. On my Gibsons, I have Historic tailpiece and studs. I think they sound the best of all I've tried and fit decent.

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