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    Today's turd (II): buy 2.5 PAFs, get guitar for free

    A 'player's' guitar all right - repaired hs break, refin, but with most of the original electronics still there, and a cool looker (not mine):

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    Les Paul Forum Member ArthurS's Avatar
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    Apr 2003

    Re: Today's turd (II): buy 2.5 PAFs, get guitar for free

    Cool guitar and the price seems to have been pretty good - it sold quickly

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    Re: Today's turd (II): buy 2.5 PAFs, get guitar for free

    Strange bird. Title says this is a 1962 but listing says 1964. Most likely a '62 based on the Les Paul Custom cover above neck pickup, and the vibrola unit. Cannot see the L-tool marks on the one pickup photo. Decal looks good. So many early 60's SG's have had neck repairs, you almost expect it to happen. Seller has a 5-star rating, and seems to know his stuff. One wonders where the various pieces eventually wound up. I would steam the neck off just to repair another custom in worse shape, or just refin back to white. Did some customs come from the factory in a walnut finish over mahogany?

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