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    Replacement pickups

    I got a Les Paul Studio and the pickups seem really bright, almost harsh. I'm going to make sure that I have 500k pots before I change the pickups (want to get the Slash model). Do both the tone and volume need to be 500k?

    It's a 2005 model with a stock neck and what the original owner says is an Angus Young signature in the bridge.

    Any other suggestions?


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    Les Paul Forum Member
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    Jan 2016
    Atlanta, GA

    Re: Replacement pickups

    If you want the levels to be uniform and match as best they can then it's best to use 500k pots on both. You won't be "wrong" if you mix a 250k w/ a 500k it will just lend a different sound than if you used 500k on both.

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