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    Looking to buy a Gibson Les Paul....what to look for

    Hello all,

    So, I am looking to add a LP to my arsenal. I have a friend who had suggested getting a used LP at least a few years old, to allow the guitar to "settle". Maybe I'm not using the right word, but he was absolutely against me buying a new one.

    I play a strat, so he also recommended a 60s style neck version, but said I should go play both 50s and 60s style to see which feels better.

    Any tips you peeps might have for someone going down the road toward a Les Paul purchase.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Jan 2020
    Northwest Ohio

    Re: Looking to buy a Gibson Les Paul....what to look for

    I'm not really sure what your friend was getting at but I wouldn't rule out a new model. The new model line is a good one for sure. There are a lot of different feeling LPs out there though. The best advice I can give is go play as many as you can(either new or used) and take notes on what you like and dislike. Only you will be able to figure that one out. For example, I have smaller hands so I thought a slimmer neck was mandatory but it turned out I liked the thicker necks better.

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    Re: Looking to buy a Gibson Les Paul....what to look for

    Say Brother -

    So did you ever add that LP to the arsenal? If so what did you score?
    I don't always search for guitars - but when I do
    it is only for 1988 - 2006 Gibson Les Pauls

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