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Thread: Emerald Guitars

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    Emerald Guitars

    Does anyone here have an Emerald acoustic? Thoughts?

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    Re: Emerald Guitars

    I guess not! I took the plunge on a 12 string and should have it in about 10 days or so. I think the use of Carbon Fiber makes a lot of sense with a 12 string. I'll give a review of it when I get it.

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    Re: Emerald Guitars

    My 12 string arrived yesterday. It took nine days to get here from Ireland through New York and then down to Alabama. First impressions: Outstanding fit and finish and really nice case. Gorgeous curly Amboyna veneer on the top and headstock. Really nice overall tone that isn't thin or harsh. It has great clarity and volume with a nice richness that you might not expect from a guitar not made of good tone woods. To my utter amazement, I pulled this out of the case and it was PERFECTLY tuned!! Hard to wrap my brain around it but I hear similar reports from other buyers who say the same things when theirs arrive. The entire guitar is carbon fiber including the finger board. Under the right light, the fingerboard can look oddly shiny. It has the LR Baggs Anthem pickup system in it. Overall I am very pleased with this instrument. I would highly recommend it for anyone needing an acoustic that will be gigged extensively or will have to endure significant temperature or humidity changes.

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