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    Les Paul Forum Member mariushoog's Avatar
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    Nov 2016
    The Netherlands

    Les Paul Custom 1981

    Thinking about pulling the trigger on a 81 Custom. Owner claims it's stock, with ttops. Guitar looks decent and have not played it yet, but will do soon. Any thoughts on 81 Customs, things to look for etc. Help is much appreciated.

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    Re: Les Paul Custom 1981

    I had a 81 Custom and it was a great guitar. I wish I had never sold it. If you can check it out just make sure you like the way it sounds and plays.

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    Re: Les Paul Custom 1981

    I've got one. I believe '81 is the last year before the start of the transition years leading back to carved tops and eventually mahogany necks. Neck feels great, maybe slightly chunkier than medium and a little bit wide feeling. Plays great and weighs a hair under 10 lbs. I love mine!

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    Les Paul Forum Member stephan_l's Avatar
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    Jul 2007

    Re: Les Paul Custom 1981

    Not enough info to help you with THIS ´81 custom. I guess, you will see when u play it

    I think, around this time customs came with Shaw pickups, not ttops. But like most things, this maybe not written in stone Weight can eventually bother you, but not EVERY custom around ´81 is heavy like a car full of bricks.....i mean, around 4,5kg would be very cool. More is........puuuuuh Matter of taste or if you are build like Arnold or not......

    Soundwise MY custom has fucking great sustain and a cool rock sound with the Shaw pickups in it. Its not a historic for sure, but still a very cool playing and sounding guitar. Over the years i found more love for larger, fat neck profiles. Only reason why i didn´t play the custom that often. But when i do, its nice fo a change and fun to do

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    Les Paul Forum Member Big Al's Avatar
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    Apr 2002
    Lake Ontario shore

    Re: Les Paul Custom 1981

    Not the pat. app. for reissue pickup known as Shaws. Ttops or the 480 which the Ttop became when the bobbins changed over to paf bobbin used on all humbuckers on 81 Customs as written in stone. The 480 is the same spec as the Ttop.
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