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    Missing a few strands of stranded wire a problem for pickup wiring?

    This might be a stupid question lol, but I'm used to using the single conductor braided wire for pickups, push back the cloth, solder it up.

    Just installed a set of WLH's into my les paul and it is the 4 conductor wire. When stripping the wire using the correct gauge and set of wire strippers it seems that every time, it pulls a couple 2-3 strands of wire out with the insulation. I tried a couple different times, but it always cut a couple strands of wire. So I just twisted it up, tinned it, and soldered everything together.

    Works fine, but I got to thinking, does this affect anything? Has anyone else had this happen? Just didn't know if it had the potential to adversely affect sound/tone or anything?


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    Les Paul Forum Member
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    Jun 2007

    Re: Missing a few strands of stranded wire a problem for pickup wiring?

    Thin pickup wires can sometimes be difficult to strip with some types of wire stripper, I usually find it easier to do with a razor blade. However a couple of missing strands will make no difference whatsoever provided you have a good joint and the remaining wire is not weakened enough that it it likely to break.

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