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    Ding or dimple finish sunk in grain

    Hello everyone, I recently bought a gibson les paul reissue 1959, new in store, green lemon. Everything is perfect, but I have seen this little dimple under the strings next to the puncher, it can only be seen with a certain angle and against the light. My question is whether it can be a dimple because of the nitro sunk in the grain. The guitar was manufactured according to his papers 3 months ago. Has anyone bought any R7, R8 or R9 and had something similar? I also attach other photos of my guitars that used only at home with care, present the same dimple, in this case it is a cherry SG, attached both photos to buy. Thank you!!!!!

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    Les Paul Forum Member AA00475Bassman's Avatar
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    Apr 2016
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    Re: Ding or dimple finish sunk in grain

    Every Historic I own -owned has a little character from the factory enjoy your new guitar play the heck out of it !
    Ive never confused owning a bunch of high end gear with being some kind of a guitar player I'm a hack and I love guitars !

    The myth :The most disturbing thing about buying a fake Les Paul is how my research after the purchase is received by Forum members ??? 2020

    The Myth: Neat wiring layouts always equate to great-sounding amps.

    The Myth: If I would have lived with MOM & mooched till I was 48 I would play like Clapton !
    Think about it
    won't you ...... Please !

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    Re: Ding or dimple finish sunk in grain

    hard to tell with the headlights brightly shining ..guessing, looks like a ding.

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    Re: Ding or dimple finish sunk in grain

    If I don't put so much light ... it's impossible to see

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    Re: Ding or dimple finish sunk in grain

    I think it's a ding ..

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    Re: Ding or dimple finish sunk in grain

    Ajam, I thought it was the sunken finish in the grain, since the guitars are new from the store. As the previous partner says that a new guitar even if it is reissue custom comes from the factory with a slight touch

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    Re: Ding or dimple finish sunk in grain

    My rule is, if you have to blow a photo up to several times actual size to see something, it is not a flaw.

    If you can't see it without shining light on it, stop shining light on it.

    If you play the thing, microscopic flaws disappear.

    These are my rules, only for me. YMMV.

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    Re: Ding or dimple finish sunk in grain

    I like those rules, I take note. Thank you very much to all for your comments

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    Les Paul Forum Member axeman565758's Avatar
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    Jan 2007
    northern NJ

    Re: Ding or dimple finish sunk in grain

    they look like little dings. If they were bigger/deeper, someone qualified could drop some nitro on the spot and bring the level even. However, the work involved to make it look "perfect" may not even be worth the trouble. Plus, chances are, you may get another ding/scratch on it, the day you get it back. I agree with what was stated it and play it a lot....those battle scars are your reward !!!
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    Les Paul Forum Member renderit's Avatar
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    Jan 2009

    Re: Ding or dimple finish sunk in grain

    I always seem to get a latch ding or something at some point anyways. Wouldn't worry.

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    Les Paul Forum Member KR1's Avatar
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    Sep 2016
    Up where it's cold

    Re: Ding or dimple finish sunk in grain

    It looks like your guitar had a few small dings that were drop-filled with clear lacquer and sanded/polished - at least the larger one beside the pick guard. On that one, you are seeing the "fish eye" effect, as the surface is mostly level but the translucent lacquer shows the indented surface underneath.

    I haven't seen more than a few of these delivered from the factory but repairs accomplished in the hands of dealers - Hell, yes. There are varying degrees of success with these but definitely not worth concern.

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    Re: Ding or dimple finish sunk in grain

    Ajam ... thank you very much for all your answers

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