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    Zep I , Good times / Bad times tone

    Im reachin out what was the magic . over drive chorus ey back then

    Goodness !! Thanks n advance, diggin it.. Was it really a Tele ? OMG

    School me ,, hehe

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    Les Paul Forum Member Guitar Whiskey's Avatar
    Join Date
    Aug 2006
    Central Coast CA

    Re: Zep I , Good times / Bad times tone

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    Les Paul Forum Member duaneflowers's Avatar
    Join Date
    Aug 2013
    Behind a badass Lester somewhere in Japan

    Re: Zep I , Good times / Bad times tone

    Tone To The Bone!
    LP=[(CC*8)+(Sig*5)+(R9*2)+R8+R7+R6+(R4*2)+(50sT*2)+Stu D+LPX]+[(EpI*19)+(EsP/Ed*6)+(ToKi*3)+(Ba*3)+(Fe/Bu*2)+(ObG)+(CMS)]

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    Re: Zep I , Good times / Bad times tone

    Thank you !

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