Sorry if this is inappropriate for this forum but I have asked this elsewhere and got little advice. Figured it is worth a shot.

I was hoping to put together a rack for direct recording based on some items I found in the basement, some of which I knew was there and some of which was a pleasant surprise. I added a Rocktron preamp because it was only $300 last week (I was just going to use assorted pedals). I put it all together (wife was amazed to see me actaully using a screwdriver). The rack is missing chorus/phaser and delay but I thought I could route some pedals through effects loop in the amp. Currently I am just thinking of using a Nova for both purposes.

Here's the order planned, > is mono, >> is stereo

Guitar (I promise to use a Les Paul ... sometimes)>
Fulltone Clyde wah>
Rocktron ValveSonic Plexi preamp (input on frontpanel)>
TCE Triple C compressor>>
Boss RV-70 reverb>>
Rocktron Hush Super C>>
BBE 382 sonic maximizer>>
Lexicon Signature 284 amp/TCE Nova in fx loop>>
ADA Microcab II>>
Tascam DP01FX/CD

Specific questions:

  1. How is the order? Anything glaringly wrong?
  2. Any other pedals you would put in the chain or FX loop? I like the TCE Mimiq and since it is stereo I could put it in between the cab and the recorder when needed. Maybe OD after the wah (still need to see what the preamp sounds like)?
  3. Where the heck should that Hush thingee go?
  4. I left spaces above and below the preamp because it has four tubes that could get quite hot. Too cautious or could I at least use the space below the unit?
  5. The one response elsewhere was that the BBE washes everything out and I should remove it. Does anyone use one? I find it essential coming out the mixer for the synth and modules. It's like taking the pillow away from in front of the speakers, but will it have the same effect in a guitar rack?

I know the answer to a lot of this is "just experiment" but it would be really nice to start in a good place rather than getting frustrated and going back to pedals and multi-fx. Besides, it is going to be a bear tweeking all these things, which is not something that I am good at. Also, please don't tell me that any of the gear is crap and should be replaced by x or y. I want to use what I have.

Thanks in advance for any wise and sage counsel that you can offer.